Today I’m chatting with Sally Clarkson. Sally recently co-wrote a book with her son Nathan in which she tells the story of raising an out of the box kid. Nathan has been clinically diagnosed with OCD and from the time he was baby, Sally has been challenged with raising her intelligent yet different son.

While Sally did not always have the answers and often felt as if she was not in control, she learned the value and beauty of what it means to endure.  Sally learned what it means to know that God was with her and with her son Nathan too. She learned not to carry her concerns but, to instead, allow God to carry them for her.


Sally shares practical ways in which she helped her son learn, capitalized on his strengths and how she and her family were impacted and strengthened by the many changes and challenges they faced.

Let’s Talk!

  • Are you raising or have raised an out of the box child?
  • What has been helpful? What has been challenging?
  • What are some ways in which you care for yourself as you care for your child?
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Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • Raising out-of-the-box children
  • Listening to your self and caring for your needs
  • Giving yourself the grace to grow

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