People often ask me how in the world I made it though college with a baby in tow.

I think I was too young and stupid to know it was supposed to be hard. I just decided to do it. I figured out what needed to be done step-by-step and then did it little-by-little.

What I didn’t know then that I know more deeply now is what the framework was for moving forward and accomplishing a goal in my life during a very difficult time. I know what that framework is, both because living life has taught me what works, as well as what doesn’t.  I’ve had my fair share of victories as well as defeats and I like to think that I learn from them all.

Finishing school.

Homeschooling my kids.

Being more grateful.


And my life long struggle with weight.

On today’s podcast, I share the framework I have for getting things done in my life and what that has looked like in various areas of my life.

If you coach your lips by talking a game, that’s good but it’s not enough.

If you coach your head by thinking right thoughts, that’s good but it’s not enough.

If you coach your heart by caring for your emotions, that’s good but it’s not enough.

Not much matters if all of your coaching doesn’t change how you live.

Coaching your hands is all about taking action.  It’s about taking the next step — however difficult the journey might seem or how much of the staircase you can or cannot see. Coaching yourself to action is more than thinking about it or having all the feels about it.  Coaching your hands is about getting things done — all of the things you were designed to do, desire to do, and are determined to do.

I want you to know that whatever it is, however long it takes, and however difficult it may seem to be.

You can do it.

You just have to decide to coach yourself along the way.

Let’s Talk!

  • What are you uncomfortable or unhappy with in your life?
  • What can you do to change that?
  • What experience have you had in the past with reaching a goal? What does that tell you about what you are capable of?
  • Have a question you’d like for me to answer on a future podcast? Share your question with me HERE.

Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • Identify your dream, desire, or destination.
  • Pick three things and focus your energy on them.
  • Create checkpoints and when necessary course correct.

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