Jennie’s book, Nothing to Prove just released last week and I am talking with her on today’s podcast! Jennie has her hands full with family, ministry, travel and speaking and we talk a little bit about all of that.


We talk balance or the illusion of it, because the truth is none of us do it all by ourselves. When she and her husband prayed the prayer of “anything” they had no idea  all  of what that would mean other than complete surrender to God.

Jennie acknowledges that at one point in her life, the desire to please others was a roadblock to surrender and proper usage of the gifts that God has called her to operate in. Jennie says ” if we could stop the never-ending chase to measure up and prove our worth, we could experience peace and complete trust in God’s enough-ness.”


She learned that being passionate about people didn’t mean she had to wrap her life around pleasing people. She could not allow the possibility of conflict and criticism to cause her to sit on her gifts or move her away from holiness.

Jennie is zealous about leading people to return to spiritual disciplines, being committed to holiness and offering complete surrender to God.


In her new book, Nothing to Prove, Jennie says “God is not after great performances or great movements. He is after us.” I hope as you listen today you are encouraged by what Jennie shares and above all you remember that God is after you, and therefore you have nothing to prove.


Let’s Talk!

  • Do you struggle the desire to please others? If so, how do you combat that desire?
  • How do you incorporate spiritual disciplines in your everyday life?
  • What area of your life are you struggling to surrender to God?
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Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • Praying Anything – What complete surrender looks like
  • Overcoming unhealthy people-pleasing
  • Returning to Spiritual Discipline

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