My grandmother believed in “doing the job”.

But not just any job…

She believed in doing the job that God had given her to do… and doing it well.


God has given each of us something to do.  It may be one thing or even maybe a few.

Are you taking your assignment seriously? Are you working diligently with what you have? How are you balancing the responsibilities that have been given to you?


Balance is hard I know.

But we will be held accountable for what we do with what God has given. Today I encourage you to be careful not to waste what He has gifted to you. You don’t need more to do more.

Use what you have because God is fully aware of what you have and it is enough.

Today I share a little encouragement to you from “Grandma”.  She did a job and did it well and left a wonderful picture in my mind of what it looks like to do what God has asked and to do the job well with discipline and diligence.

In this podcast, I share that picture and the message of her life with you.



Highlights from Today’s Episode:

“Doing the Job” 

  • Don’t waste your talent.
  • Judgement day is coming: God is going to ask us what we did with what He gave.
  • Be diligent to do whatever God has asked you to do.

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  1. Be diligent to do whatever God has asked you to do. @ChrystalHurst
  2. We will be held accountable for what we do with what God has given us. – @ChrystalHurst
  3. Are you investing your time, money or resources in things that will last? @ChrystalHurst

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