morningmeetings3_2cups_wmkYou are wealthy.

Since I have given you food, clothing, and shelter, all else you enjoy is a bonus.

I promised you that I would take care of your needs.

Haven’t I kept my promise?

But in doing more than I promised, I’ve noticed that sometimes you expect more.

More clothes to wear.

More space in which to live.

More food than what you need to survive.

More stuff.

And it can make you ungrateful.

There is nothing wrong with having more.


There is everything wrong with being ungrateful.

I am good.

And while I don’t mind you making requests, I have a big problem with a lack of gratitude.

You are wealthy.

Enjoy what I have given you but keep things of this world in proper perspective.

And be sure to say thank you.

Psalm 136:6 says, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.”

Notes from my Morning Meeting with Jesus – February 2nd