Morning Meeting with JesusIt’s almost Easter.

That means there are lots of people thinking about Me.

More people than at any other time of the year.

And they are not just thinking about Me in general.

They are thinking about My suffering.

And I did suffer.

It surprises Me that people who may not think about Me much at any other time, not only want to think about My suffering.

They want to experience that suffering too.

… to a degree at least.

So they choose to make sacrifices.

They give up things like …




… television

… alcohol

… and other stuff that might bring them pleasure.

For 40 days, many people decide to suffer as the season for celebrating Me draws closer.

But what some people don’t get, and many never will?


Nothing you can sacrifice will EVER come close to the sacrifice I made for you.


And that’s OK.

I just want you to know that the suffering that I’m looking for is not a polite nod in the direction of My life, death, or resurrection.

I’m not some celebrity that only deserves a T.V. special when the anniversary of their death rolls around.

I’m into the kind of suffering that matters.

Why? Because suffering leads to something superb.

If you suffer in ways

… that bring Me glory

… that count in the economy of eternity

… that actually result in real change in your heart – the core of your very being…

If you suffer in ways that matter to Me… then the payoff is more than the Fat Tuesday binge before your forty days of denial or the joy you have when Easter has arrived and your forty days of misery of have come to a close.

If you suffer in your LIFE

… on a regular basis

… because you love me

… and you believe that the suffering endured now will only be the foundation on which your tower in eternity is built. (Romans 8:19)

If you suffer in ways where you actually begin to look like Me (Romans 8:29)

That’s the suffering that counts.

It’s the suffering that takes a chance because you dare to hope that I am who I say I am.

It’s the suffering that decides to persevere and eagerly wait for Me to show up in your life now and then show up at the gates of glory when you arrive for our life in eternity. (Romans 5:25)

It’s the suffering that says, “Jesus took a chance on me. I choose to take a chance on Him.”

It’s the suffering that seeks to press through difficult situations when you feel alone because you KNOW you are not alone.

It’s the suffering that knows that no matter how many others are against you, it doesn’t matter because I am for you.

And I am enough.

The one that chooses to

… to endure

… to suffer

… and to feel the pain

Is also the one who will experience My glory to the fullest.

You see dear one…

My greatest glory came after I experienced my greatest pain.

Yours will too.


People don’t like to think about suffering as a part of life.

But it IS a part of life.

Especially the life that I have for you to live.

So be willing to suffer for Me..

And not just for a day, or 40 days, or even a year.

Be willing to suffer as long as it takes.

Why? because in everything you can overwhelmingly conquer the hard as I love you through it. (Romans 8:37)

Sometimes the place of milk and honey is only in reach after you pass through places of madness and hellaciousness.

So suffer.

Especially for Me.

I can promise you that in the end it will be worth it.

How do I know?

Trust Me…. I know.

” For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”  Romans 8:18

Notes from my Morning Meeting with Jesus – April 9th

I pray that the notes I shared from my morning meeting with Jesus spoke to your heart.  They spoke to mine.  We must always remember that our efforts at living a life of faith will get us only what our efforts and power can bring us – our own impact.  

The good news is that when we put forth our efforts in partnership with God’s power and plan, the impact of those choices and the payoff of every pain results in an impact that is limitless and the effects of that which can ripple into eternity.

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