Is she still there?

Have you ever felt lost in the middle of your own life? I have. More than once I might add. In fact, this feeling is a common one amongst us girls.  We aim to live abundantly but struggle to find the overflow in a sea of overwhelm.

But in the midst of our wondering about the girls we are meant to be, God continually calls to us and offers abundant filled life.  So do we access it?  How do we honor who we are, where we’ve been, and who the Father wants us to become?

I’ve learned a thing of two about what it means to honor your life even in the midst of a life you didn’t plan on living.  And because I put many of my stories and lessons learned into words and decided to share them — today is a special day.

Today is my book’s birthday…

You may have found your way to my blog after reading my devotional post from Proverbs 31 ministries. Or maybe you subscribe to my email newsletter and consider yourself to be a friend.

In either case, I’d love to share some beautiful artwork with you to commemorate the release of She’s Still There and also give away some She’s Still There “Swag” to someone who leaves a comment in the post below.

Why not? Today is my book’s birthday!

It’s the day that my thoughts, hopes, tears, and even some laughter are set free into the world for all who see.  It’s a day I might just feel a little naked.

When you write, you hope that your labor of love is well received. You share a part of your personhood when you share your words and you wonder — did you aim your message in way that it will make its mark?

Birthing a book is a lot like birthing a baby.  You go through all of the effort, the discomfort, and the drama because you believe that the baby is worth the effort. You believe in bringing forth life.

But book birth like baby birth is often messy.  It’s not pretty. There are moments where you just don’t want to feel the ache, the pressure, or even the pain.

But you press on because the life inside is worth the work.

No matter where you are today or where you’ve been — your life is worth the work of the rescue.

In today’s devotion over at Proverbs 31, I shared a little of my story. I wrote about the circumstances surrounding my life during a time when things were hard. A bit messy in fact. There was plenty of ache, pressure, and pain.

I know what it is to feel lost, forgotten and alone.

But I also know that choosing life is an option. It’s a choice that you and I get everyday. Life is a gift.  Your life is a gift. 

The good news is that it doesn’t matter so much what choice you’ve made before this very moment. What matters is what you choose to believe now and what you then choose to do based on your belief.

It is my heartfelt desire that you choose to believe that your life is a gift and that the best of the girl in you is still there for you to discover. I hope that the book I’ve written, She’s Still There, can help you to believe this truth and to fight for the life within.

You my friend are loved. You are accepted. You are valuable. That is the truth.

What’s your story?

Do you believe this truth?

I’d love to hear from you.  Be sure to leave a comment sharing either why you believe or why you struggle to do so.  I love honesty and I’d love to hear more from you about your story. We girls need more of that when we chat with each other.

And what’s a birthday celebration without gifts?

I’ve got some She’s Still There “Swag” that I’d like to give to someone who comments. Feel free to leave your thoughts and I’ll choose a winner at random.

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