What are you waiting on?

Who are you waiting on?

When will you realize that the time is now?

The time is now to live.

I didn’t create you simply to exist.

To breathe, eat, sleep, and dream.

I created you to do.

… to do the tasks that are designed to fit your hands.

I created you to experience.

… to experience Me to the fullest.

I created you to be.

… to be an expression of Me when I am revealed uniquely through the wonderful blend of your personality, history, and opportunities.


Every day that you open your eyes, you are opening a present… a gift from Me.

There has never been another day like it and there never will be again.

And while there is nothing new under the sun.

It is all new to you.

It is new to you as you live in the age, culture, and era in which I allowed you to be born.

My love…

I want you to live abundantly.

Did you hear Me?


I want you to live confidently – as if you have enough.

Because you do.

I want you to live generously – as if you are teeming with resources.

Because you are.

I want you live gratefully – as if you have received a great gift.

Because you have.

Somewhere, there is someone else in the world who would love to have the exact life you have right now.

But are you really living it?

Are you really taking advantage of every opportunity that I have put in your path?

Because I want you to do exactly that.

Are you taking time to laugh, smile, and find delight in the everyday?

Because I want you to experience the joy I offer liberally. (Nehemiah 8:10)

Are you being the most honest version of you that you can be?

There’s only one of you, you know.

And I want you to be nothing other than the best version of the incredibly wonderful, one-of-a-kind creation I intended. (Ephesians 2:10)


If you don’t do you, who will?

I came to this earth to do Me.

Nobody did Me better than I did.

You know how I know?

People are still talking about how well I played My part.

That’s how it should be for you too.

When you are walking your way well, the people within your reach take notice.


Oh… and let Me tell you this.

I love people.

I want you to love people too.

But I don’t want you to be so caught up in loving to watch others live their lives out loud that you neglect to live your own life in fully masterfully-crafted color.


It’s okay to look at them.


It’s beautiful to love them.

But don’t stare.

Staring is rude.

It is rude of you to let your gaze linger so long on others that you neglect to see that I gave you something worth seeing too.

See you.

See what I see when I look at you.

What do I see?

I see the finished product.

Because I finish everything that I start. (Philippians 1:6)

If you’ll let Me.

If you’ll live.

So live.

I had 33 years.

I lived.

I did all I was supposed to do.

Then I died.

And awoke to a glorious life in the hereafter because of how well I lived in the here and now.

You are here.

You are now.


Live so that when it’s your turn to leave the constraints of time, you have completely unwrapped my gift of life to you.

Use the gift.

Enjoy the gift.

Cherish my gift of life to you by not wasting it.


Do it.

Experience it.

Be it.

What is it?

It is the “it” that is coming to your mind right now as you read these words.

The “it” that seems just slightly out of your grasp.

I put it there.

Just out of your reach.

Because I didn’t want you to live without Me.

That’s the secret to living and living well.

Take Me with you.

Because I know (Jeremiah 29:11)

… what you are supposed to do.

… what you should have the pleasure of experiencing.

… who you are meant to be.

So right now.

Starting today.

Let’s get to it.



Notes from my Morning Meeting with Jesus – July 2nd