Monday's Mission


What exactly is Monday’s Mission?

Every Monday during our #KingdomWoman “One Month Journey”, I will give you an assignment.  It’s great to read a book but what’s even better? Seeing change in your life because a book’s message taking root in your life. Your Monday’s Mission will be an opportunity for any woman who is reading Kingdom Woman to get ideas for applying Kingdom Woman.  I don’t know about you but I want to  activate change in my life!


Before we move forward with today’s mission…

let’s review where we’ve been already!

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  4. While, Wednesdays are our BIG #KingdomWoman days and will be the main place for your assignments for “R&R” (reading and reflection) I’ll post here and there on the blog to keep us on track for the journey!


Hello Monday


~ Your “Mission” for Today ~

Choose from any of the following missions as a way to put “feet” to your faith!

Encourage Another Woman Today – On page 9, I ask the question, “…where is this woman – who is this woman – who regularly and consistently positions herself under … God’s complete rule over her life?” Sometimes we tend to see the God at work in the lives of others much easier than we can it in ourselves.  And sometimes, that’s not a bad thing!  Think of a woman in your sphere of influence who might be encouraged to hear that very message from you.  Make it a point today to call her, send a text, message her on Facebook, or drop a card in the mail to tell her about the good  and the God you see in her.  Who knows?  She may be struggling to see herself as a Kingdom Woman too.  Your encouragement might just be what the doctor ordered!

Set aside time today to be with God – On page 13, Tony Evans says, “Jesus specifically stated that Mary had chosen the better thing by engaging in theological study at the feet of Christ…” If you are anything like me, you have the greatest intentions of regularly spending time with the Lord but maybe don’t always experience success.  Decide today when you will meet with Him and make it your goal today to do just that.  If you are not sure how to have a quiet time with God,  you can read more by clicking HERE and also HERE. Two easy ideas for quiet time reading?  A daily chapter in the book of Proverbs or five chapters a day in Psalms.  Either way, you will finish each book in 30 days!

Do something today to celebrate YOU – On page 14, you read, “You are significant. You are valuable. You are worth more than jewels…. You are to be treated as a treasure, not as someone to be trashed or used.” Now I’m not telling you that this means you should go out and spend money that you don’t have on things that you don’t need!  Nor am I saying that you should exalt yourself in a haughty way above others cuz all God’s children have value right?  What I am saying is that many times we take care of everyone else besides ourselves and we don’t treat ourselves like we choose to treat others.  So here are some ideas to get your juices flowing:

    • Get some exercise (a 10 minute walk is good if you are currently doing nothing!)
    • Treat yourself to a nice lunch out.
    • Use lipstick or a dry erase marker to write 3 positive things about yourself on your bathroom mirror (don’t clean the mirror for awhile)
    • Pick up some flowers on your way home from work or during your grocery store trip (just because you’re worth it!). Carnations are cheap and will do the trick!
    • Write a letter of encouragement to yourself!  Just like you would write one to someone else!  Sounds crazy but it works! Mail it to yourself and read it then to remind yourself about what you wrote.
    • Load those kids in that minivan and take yourself out to coffee.  McDonalds or Starbucks will do! Then drive around until you finish your drink!  (By the time you get home and unload the kids the coffee will be cold so keep driving until you are finished!)
    • Go to bed a little earlier tonight.
    • Your life is worth recording and remembering!  If you haven’t already, start writing in a journal or start a blog!
    • Take a long, hot scented bubble bath with candles lit and soft music playing in the background. 
    • Use your China. Use your wine glasses (even if they just have apple juice in them).
    • Listen to your favorite CDs tonight just because. I’m talking about the CDs that you used to love listening to but haven’t pulled out in a long time…
    • Visit a particular store you absolutely love, and make notes of all the things you want to buy there when you can afford them. Make a wish list.
    • Prepare your favorite dinner (or pick it up) and eat it out on your balcony, patio, or porch.
    • Call yourself and leave a message on your own voicemail telling yourself how great you are! After you listen, be sure and save it to listen again one day soon.


Monday Awesome


What’s Coming Up This Week!

Tomorrow is our Blog Hop!  I love having the opportunity to share with y’all as we go through this journey together study, but what I love even more is hearing how the study is impacting your life and making it possible for you to hear from each other!  Connection is a wonderful thing. You won’t be able to link up until tomorrow but here are the topics so you can begin thinking about them or even writing them!

  1. On page 8 Tony Evans states, “We lack the direction to truly live out our [kingdom] destinies.” And on page 9 he wrote, “Many women today still struggle with turning over personal control in their lives, thus opening themselves up to heartache, loss, and chaos.” In what ways do you struggle to turn over personal control of your life to God?
  2.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Do you struggle with feelings of insecurity or inferiority?  Why? How has the introduction helped you to have a greater sense of confidence as a Kingdom woman? What is one goal you can set today that will help you fulfill your purpose as a kingdom woman?
  3. This week we’ve been reading Psalm 139.  Share what you have gleaned from this passage.  What has God taught you? What can you start doing differently as a result of your study? Remember! Babysteps… one step at a time 🙂
  4. In what ways do see yourself as “naturally gifted to influence and impact” your world (page 4)? How are you using your gifts to do just that?  Remember!  Your “gifts can be used anywhere and be for the glory of God!… home, work, church, neighborhood,etc.

By the way, if you don’t have a blog, no worries!  Ladies over at put it this way, “Bloggina is a great way to process, dream, express, and share. If you don’t want to blog, no pressure at all.  But if you’ve been considering it, why not take the plunge? ”  I concur 🙂

Kingdom Woman Wednesday – Dad and I will be at the blog waiting for you with a video to both review and discuss the introduction as well as answer your questions!  Be sure and submit your question ASAP! You will also receive this week’s “R & R”.

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