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Happy Tuesday Kingdom Kindreds!

Today is our blog hop and since today is our last one… (do I hear a collective sigh?)  I want to hear from you!  Please fell free to tell me ANYTHING that has been a meaningful revelation to you as you have read through the Kingdom Woman book.

As I have said many times before, we remember what we take the time to reflect on.

If you had to pick ONE TAKEAWAY from your journey, what would it be?

But first…

Let me share one of my own…

Read this  if you have a few moments… Fallen Leaves…

Fall Leaves 2 larryjohnmcnally sml

This week let’s share what we have learned on our journey!

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Let’s get started!!!!

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You have until Friday at midnight to add your blog to our hop!

Can’t wait to read your blogs! Remember, you must blog about our Blog Hop topics (Kingdom Woman Takeway). If your blog does not cover the specified topic, it will be removed. Blog Hops are fun! And they are especially fun and beneficial if they cover topics that are common to our study! And if you post a blog here, make sure to grab the “I’m a Kingdom Woman” button (right column) for your own blog!

See ya tomorrow for Kingdom Woman Wednesday!