KINGDOM WOMAN, a book that I co-authored with my Dad, Dr. Tony Evans, is officially available for purchase today!

Wondering what the book is about? Dad and I set out to remind women of their calling from God to be free, delivered, healed, and to have hope. We write to correct distorted perceptions and understand who women really are based on the Creator’s design. We encourage women never to settle for less than God intended. We want women to know our rights as daughters of the King and to confidently claim and live by them.

While many women are enjoying this day and age when we have so many opportunities never before available to our gender, other women are crumbling under the pressure to do all and be all in the light of the options available to us. This book is about the wonderful possibilities that emerge when we align ourselves with the dreams that God has in mind for us.




Kingdom Woman delivers a message of empowerment to every woman based on the principle that God created her to move heaven and earth through His strength and in His name.  Between dad’s well rounded-and-grounded biblical teaching and practical experiences and lessons-learned that I share from her own life, I truly believe that this book will encourage many women and light a bit of fire under us as well!

This is the book we thought women needed. We couldn’t find it — so we wrote it!