Reading List
This weekend I had the privilege of sharing at my church’s annual women’s conference.  One of those sessions was on the topic of “Raising Kingdom Kids”.  At the end of this session, I mentioned that I had brought a recommended reading list to share with everyone.  I made 50 copies thinking no one would really be interested.  Dead wrong. Those were gone by the first 90 seconds after the session ended.

So, I promised those precious women that I would post that list on my blog so they could just download it at their convenience and that it might be a help and a blessing to anyone looking for resources to aid them in their parenting.

Please keep in mind that the only perfect author is God and He gave us everything we need to parent well in his Word.  Always ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you read the works of others so that you will be led to take and apply what will work for YOUR family and the beautifully unique children that you have been given as gifts! Feel free to browse or print the list by clicking on the following link:

Chrystal’s Recommended Reading List for Moms

In addition, I will post links to other books I mentioned in my session that are great to read WITH your children as you teach them to prioritize time in the Word.  The books listed below are just a handful of many books that I’ve read to or with my kiddos over the years but they are some of our favorites. Building the habit and self-discipline of studying scripture is so very important.  Start with your young children reading together and as your children get older have them read on their own and come together with you to discuss.  “Iron sharpens iron…” (Prov. 27:17) — even in the context of parent and child.

Books Worth Reading Together

For Instruction in Righteousness
A Topical Reference Guide for Biblical Child-Training

Right Choices
Character lessons that my toddlers & preschoolers loved!

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes
Bible Stories for Ages 3 to 5

Leading Little Ones to God
Bible Stories for Ages 5 to 8

Egermeir’s Bible Story Book
Perfect choice for family devotions or independent reading by children ages 8 to 12

The Purpose Driven Life
Awesome to read and discuss with your teenagers!

I’d love to know what books YOU have read that have encouraged you in your parenting journey OR books that you have read with your children to teach them about God and encourage them in their individual faith.  Looking forward to reading your comments!