What does it mean to be a truly genuine person who is comfortable in your own skin? What does it take to be confident in being exactly who God designed you to be? It can be tempting to hide behind a smile, work, responsibilities, or even social media. You might feel society’s pressure to be perfect. You may even try to hide portions of your personality that you fear may not be well received by others. However, God has crafted you uniquely and desires for you to be comfortable in who He has created you to be.  

Remember, part of God’s omnipotent nature means that he truly knows and sees every part of us.  He is keenly aware of your talents, goals, and the deepest desires of your heart, and He wants to use you for His glory. In Psalm 139:1, it says, “you have searched me, LORD, and you know me.”  God knows everything about you, but are you allowing Him room to work in and through you; even with the things that you keep to yourself?

My conversation with Sam Acho uncovers this one important truth. You must be willing to uncover and share the real you, if you want to live life well.  Examine the parts of yourself you’re withholding from others and from God. Even the areas you keep hidden are important. Know that you are worth getting to know. Sam and I discussed other insightful thoughts  that will challenge you to  remove your protective guard, propel you towards healing, and establish intimacy with Jesus.  

Have you worn a mask for so long that you aren’t sure how to begin the removal process? Being seen can be a process. It’s okay to start small as long as you’re making progress.  My chat with Sam can be just the jumpstart you need to get started.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • How to uncover the real, authentic, you.
  • Responding to God’s direction
  • Being reminded of your worth
  • Serving people with the gifts God has given you

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Let’s Talk!

  1. In what ways, have you masked or withheld the true version of yourself?
  2. How can you intently tune into God’s voice, and respond obediently?
  3. In what way did today’s episode challenge you?

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