Unaware of the changes that were taking place in how I saw my world and how I valued the gift of me, I went from being the girl who pretty much got everything right to the girl who got a lot of it wrong. I lost sight of my value and replaced intentional living according to my worth with intentional living trying to earn and keep acceptance.

The girl, once bold and daring learned to carry shame.  She exchanged her gift of empathy for tough skin.  She went from believing that God would use her greatly to wondering if he could use her at all. 

Today I share a bit of my own story as a backdrop for why I wrote She’s Still There and why the message matters so personally to me. My hope is that every person would know and believe that they are a uniquely created soul and be willing to join in the rescue effort for the girl that they once knew, never had the opportunity to get acquainted with, or the girl they hope God can unearth.

Each and every day we get to choose. We can live, accepting the status quo and settling for life with a deep ache for something more. Or we can choose to trust God to bring out the best in us and to help us discover or rediscover the best of the girl inside.

Today I invite you to choose.



Highlight from Today’s Episode:

  • The problem with drift
  • How drift begins and continues
  • How and why you should stop the drift

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  1. Have you ever experienced a drift in your life? Tell me about it.
  2. What dream from childhood is yet unfulfilled?
  3. What childhood hurt has helped make you a better person? 
  4. Pain is information.  What pain are you experiencing in your life right now and what is that pain telling you?

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