Have you ever been disillusioned with the Church, Christians, and perhaps even your faith? Have you ever found yourself wanting to put a little distance between yourself and the label “Christian”? We live in an increasingly secular, polarized society, and Christians are not generally looked upon as favorably as they once were. Many of us have experienced contempt, being misjudged, or wrongfully treated outside our faith family and sometimes even by those within it.

Today I’m talking with Addison Bevere, author of Saints: Becoming More Than “Christians.” Addison is a wonderful communicator who grew up in a household of exceptional gospel communicators. He’s the eldest son of evangelists John and Lisa Bevere. His background has given him a unique approach to this topic, enabling him to bring fresh language and perspective to describe our identity in Christ. 

The New Testament repeatedly refers to the body of Christ as “saints,” a term many of us are less familiar with, or at least aren’t in the habit of using. What image comes to mind when you hear the word “saint”? Is it the sweet little old church mother who faithfully served God for years–even decades–in your parents’ church? Or do you think of the pastor who isn’t famous or well known, yet who studies to show himself approved and contend for the faith? Perhaps you think of a time gone by, of antiquated religious rules and regulations or extreme forms of self-denial. 

How might your perspective on yourself and your life change if I told you you are already a saint today, right this very moment? We tend to push such lofty titles into our future reward in heaven with Jesus and the angels, but God assigns those titles (child of God, heir, saint) to us the moment we come to believe in Christ, and He has a purpose and a calling for our lives right now. God doesn’t reserve his best work for our future state in heaven. He’s calling you and me to participate in His good plan right here, right where we are.

You may be thinking, “there is no way the bigness of the word saint could be my responsibility,” but friend, remember this: We are all becoming. We are all in the process. And it’s all about the process of becoming who we were made to be. As Addison shares, we were made for glory, and God is weaving every detail of our lives together for His Kingdom plan.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Understanding God’s design for legacy
  • Bringing the Kingdom agenda to earth
  • How generations can serve alongside each other

Resources from today’s show 

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  • Dive deeper into what it means to be a saint in Addison’s book, Saints: Becoming More Than “Christians.”

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Let’s Talk!

  1. How would you describe a saint?
  2. In what ways has God called you to be a divine disruptor for His Kingdom?
  3. How can you partner with someone of a different generation to serve someone else, together?

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