Have you ever considered online dating? As online dating has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, more and more people are turning to dating sites to find potential mates. Nearly all the stigma once attached to online dating is now gone. But even so, you, like so many others, might hesitate because you are afraid of putting yourself out there to meet new people… and possibly facing rejection. You also might feel overwhelmed, wondering where to begin and which dating site is best.

A word of advice: don’t let insecurities or the process required to scare you away from wonderful new possibilities.

If you haven’t heard about my friend, Margot Starbuck, then here’s what you need to know about her: she is a woman who lives intentionally, colorfully, and out loud. She’s also an author, speaker, writer, and mother of three young adult children. Four years after her husband left her, Margot decided to check out online dating while sitting at her son’s soccer game. Her journey through various dating sites has made her even more courageous than she was before, both online and in person. Like many of us, Margot has struggled with feeling unworthy and shrinking herself to fit into other people’s molds and expectations. 

Today in my conversation with Margot, we talk all about her journey navigating through online dating over the past two years. She’s tried sixteen different online dating sites, some of which were free, and others which required money to fully interact with matches. Margot had previously never even considered writing a book about online dating, but after several match fails and successes, she decided to share the experience she had gained to help women who have questions about the process. In this podcast, she offers some great advice for women who are thinking about taking the plunge into online dating. Above all else, she emphasizes how to find courage through it all. 

During the often difficult dating process, what does it look like to be brave? Courage will come from standing firmly and confidently in who you know God has created you to be. Reminding ourselves of the truth that we are already deeply loved and fully known is crucial in navigating all of life, and dating is no exception. Your sense of worthiness and how you feel about yourself strongly influences the choices you make and the people you let into your life. It is so important to remember who you are and that your identity is not defined by anyone other than God. So to help yourself stay strong in that truth, don’t date alone. Seek out people who will remind you of God’s love for you (and their love for you too!). Community will help you stay both grounded and safe in the dating process. Friends and family can help you in creating your profile, weeding out sketchy matches, and reminding you of who you are when you get discouraged. 

So whether you’re dating, considering online dating, or have a friend that is dating, I encourage you to listen to this podcast. After you listen, be sure to purchase Margot’s book The Grown Women’s Guide to Online Dating if you’re looking for practical help and hope for online dating.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Developing confidence in online dating
  • Deciding on the right dating site
  • The importance of dating in community
  • Staying safe in online dating
  • Taking breaks from online dating

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  1. Are you ever plagued by a sense of worthlessness? How do you confront that, or do you confront it at all?
  2. What are some great qualities that you can identify about yourself? Ask your friends and family what they would say, and then compare that list with your own. What do you notice about the two lists?
  3. What is at least one brave thing you can do this week?

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