Have you ever felt a small tug inside of you that perhaps God intended far more for you? Are there passions you have set aside over the years to deal with the countless day-to-day demands that you never seem to reach the end of? You may have only felt that small tug, or you may even have had God share with you His direction for your life. In either case, you are certainly seeking clarity and practical ways to move forward with what God wants from you.

Sometimes one of the greatest sources of strength in stepping forward into using your passions for ministry is simply seeing how others have done the same. Jamila Jackson, who has created a business based on encouraging others, joins me today to share her journey. Jamila is the creator of Loved and Blessed, a business centered on sending encouragement to others in boxes. 

Jamila’s journey to Loved and Blessed began with infertility and loss but transformed into a story of hope for herself and others. A lot of time passed between the idea God revealed to her (for boxes of encouragement) and actually bringing that idea to fruition. Almost a decade later, Jamila is now being given an opportunity to share her ministry and personal business which offers encouragement packages as well as online courses, memberships, and events.

Based on her own experience, Jamila encourages others to bless their communities by being transparent and following God’s lead even when logic might tell them to give up or never even begin.

I hope that our  conversation will stir up passions God has placed in you and challenge you to listen closely as God speaks to your heart. Join us to begin the journey towards turning your passions into a ministry.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Battling bareness 
  • Surrendering your dreams  
  • Hearing from God 
  • Building a business

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  1. What skills, experience, or gifts do you have that you could be sharing with another woman in your sister circle or community? 
  2. When you listen intently to God, what dreams is He stirring in your heart?
  3. Who can you encourage today by reminding them they are loved and blessed?
  4. Challenge yourself to reach out and be an encouragement today with a loved and blessed box or a simple message of hope to a woman in your circle.

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