How do you continue to believe in the things God says–for example, that he loves you and has a plan for your life– when you experience a pain so excruciating that you lose the will to keep living? 

Today’s podcast is heavy, but I know you will be blessed by it, because the greatest acts of God’s grace are always accompanied by the greatest suffering. My guest is Lora Jones, who will be sharing the sort of experience we all pray we never have to go through. 

In 2004, Lora’s family was at the top of their game. She had been married to her husband, a pastor, for twenty years and been blessed with two children. Life had not been easy for them, but overall, things were good. Around Thanksgiving, they planned a trip to spend time with family. Lora fell asleep on the ride. When she woke up, her entire life had changed. Her family had been in a near head-on collision, and her husband and son had died on the scene. Her daughter would die hours later with her family gathered around her singing her into heaven. 

Lora still shakes every time she retells the story.

Her heart died that night. Losing her family brought her to the end of herself. She didn’t want to believe in God anymore, but she realized she had a simple decision to make: either walk away from God and live in a world without Him–a world without hope–or continue to believe in Him, even if it made no sense.

Lora had no idea how and why she lived and the family she loved did not. The only explanation available to her was a simple one: for some reason, God wanted her to live. However, holding on to the belief that God wanted her here didn’t make it any easier for her to show up to her life when all she wanted was for God to take her home. 

Lora longs for heaven. No amount of opportunities or accomplishments will ever make her feel as if losing her family was “worth it” or “made sense.” She knows she would not understand God’s ways even if He would somehow answer all of her questions. However, no matter what, her hope is in Him. Even though she has had to walk through incredible pain without understanding, fighting back anger and despair, her heart still chose to come back to Him. 

If anyone can say this, Lora can: You–your faith–can come back from anything. Do you believe that? Your life may be very different than you expected it to be, but as Lora shares in our chat: “Much of life is accepting the gifts that God has given you, even though you really wanted other ones.” 

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Experiencing God’s presence in pain 
  • Believing God when you don’t understand 
  • Healing your heart after a loss 
  • Sharing your story after a loss

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