We only have this one life to live. Too many of us go throughout life without paying attention to our stories. We are hesitant to uncover our stories because it’s much easier to cover things up and accept how we are, as how things will always be.

Have you made the time to take a deep look at your life? There are reasons why you do the things you do. There are reasons why you think the way you think. There are reasons why you are the way you are.

This week my conversation is with Jo Saxton and we’re talking about the impact of her story.

Jo shares how she had to do the work to look at the layers of her life. Peeling back was not easy but she has seen the generational benefit of owning her story. I hope this episode encourages you to do the work to look at your life and understand the impact or your story.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Being healthy in your physical and spiritual body
  • Confronting the Layers of your Story
  • The Dream of Who You are Supposed to be

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  • Whoever of whatever has named you does not define you forever. – Jo Saxton
  • We all have holes in our heart that only God can fill. – Chrystal Hurst
  • This life is not a dress rehearsal. You get it one. – Chrystal Hurst

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  1. Are you willing to admit that there is a hole in your life? What part of your healing can you control?
  2. Have you taken the challenge of letting people in? How can you open the door a little wider?

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