“What is it that black people want?”  That’s a question that I hear all the time. “I’m not a racist”. That’s another statement that I hear.  What should a person know if they really want to love their brother or sister when it comes to the topic of racism and social justice?

Ashley and Irons and I have a tough conversation about what people may think love another means in the context of the color conversation. What I know is true? Tough conversations between girls of different colors and even girls of the same color may not be simple but they are needed conversations on a variety of levels.

Ashley is one of three co-hosts on the podcast We Talk Different, a podcast on culture, race, ethnicity, gender, politics, and theology. She and her co-hosts have created a space where Christians of different backgrounds and view points can talk about the hard stuff with the decision made to speak truth in love.

Because I continue to hear comments from both my black and white siblings in Jesus and beyond about their lack of clarity about how to handle the race issue, this conversation is worth continuing. Ashley and I have spoken before.  In our last episode together, we tackled the conversations our white friends were asking. However, on this episode, we go beyond the questions on the surface to dig deep and deal with difficult issues and questions to which there are no clear answers.


This is a conversation that Ashley and I started at my kitchen table.  I sat scratching my head, trying to understand maybe what I should have a deep understanding of but honestly do not.  Call it my personal experience.  Call it my socioeconomic privilege. Call it the lighter hue of my skin.  Even within the black community, one cannot assume that the knowledge from one to another is on parity. So we certainly cannot assume that outside of a race of people there is broad based understanding.

What I do know is that this conversation is not an easy one.  It is not a “one and done” type of conversation.  It is ongoing.  With every conversation I have, even as I sit and listen and scratch my head, I grow in my understanding and get a broader view on how the part I can play to systemically dismantle racism.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Racism defined
  • Difference between prejudice, implicit bias, and racism
  • The role of history and power dynamics in racism
  • What can be done by an individual to affect institutional impact
  • What makes the American race situation different than other social justice causes

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Let’s Talk!

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  1. Did this conversation make the hair rise on the back of your neck? Why or why not?
  2. Why do you think it’s hard to have the race conversation at this deep level?
  3. What is a question you have about the race conversation for which you have yet to get a clear answer?

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