She’s Still There moments come in all shapes and sizes. Many of us have major and minor ones.

Today, Wynter Pitts shares a a little of both!

In this fun and honest episode, I talk with my cousin Wynter about a moment that she can laugh out loud about now. We also talk about her major She’s Still There moment–a season of life where she felt like life was too much, too overwhelming, too different from what she thought she wanted. Wynter talks about making the decision to trust God even when she didn’t feel like it, honoring herself and her creativity  in motherhood, and how motherhood ended up being the path the Lord chose to refine and grow her passions and gifts.

Wynter is the wife of Jonathan and proud mom of FOUR girls! She is also the founder of For Girls Like You magazine, co-author of Hello Stars with her oldest daughter Alena, and co- author of her newest book, She is Yours, with her husband, which released only a few weeks ago.

Wynter never saw herself living the wife, mom, and minivan life. Her dream was to live, travel, and explore London as a carefree, independent woman. But God had other plans.

Sometimes God gives us what we think we don’t want. Often He allows things to happen that we didn’t plan for and we may feel as if we’re missing out on the life we wanted. But God has made it clear that He’s given us everything we need and more to live out the life that He has for us. He is writing a story that is better than one we could imagine for ourselves, and our part is simply choosing to trust Him with the next thing.

Highlight from Today’s Episode:

  • Raising girls to know their identity in Christ
  • Trusting God when you have a life you didn’t plan for
  • Using your passions and creativity inside the home

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