What do you do when you struggle with a particular sin that seems to have you bound? How do you walk in the truth of who God says you are when you wrestle with a self-identity that says you are different than who He has designed you to be?

On today’s show, Jackie Hill Perry shares her testimony as a woman who renounced a lifestyle of homosexuality when she decided to give her live to Christ. Jackie shares real, unfiltered practical encouragement for anyone who desires to see themselves as God sees them and walk out the light of that truth.

Jackie Hill Perry is a spoken word artist, writer, speaker, and poet.  A wordsmith who shares both the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as her own story and perspective on culture, Jackie is also a wife to Preston Perry and mom to Eden. 

Growing up in a single parent household, Jackie found herself absent of a framework for family. Molestation in her early years, gender confusion and the introduction of pornography at a tender age led her on a search for comfort and identity. Lesbianism felt natural to her. She simply felt affirmed, validated  and more comfortable with women.

Jackie can clearly identify the moment when God, in His grace, led her to make a decision. She says that she needed to “choose Him or choose death by her sin”. Jackie was moved to change both because she believed her sin would carry consequences and she believed that she could experience the grace and love of God.

Jackie admits that her change has not been absent of temptation. She shares how she handles that temptation now as a believer, what influence molestation and fatherless has had on her marriage, her thoughts on the impact of gender defining put in place by our culture and much more.


This was an eye opening podcast — real talk about a redeeming story that I am glad I have the privilege of sharing with you. Jackie is encouraged, as am I,  to know that others can learn about God through her story. It is refreshing to know that God used, what she would call years of “ratchetness”, to draw not only herself but others to Him, but is still using Jackie’s life to help others through the sharing of her testimony.

Today is beautiful because it reminds us that God chases us.  He loves us. And He changes us from the inside out.

Highlight from Today’s Episode:

  • Culture’s impact on the defining masculinity and femininity
  • Living with same sex attraction
  • Loving the LGBTQ community
  • Discipleship in the local church
  • Unlearning the damage of molestation and fatherlessness

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