Are you wrestling with God because He seems to be acting erratically in your life and you  can’t get a handle on what He is doing?

Are you a single mom fighting through long days,  just trying to make ends meet?

Are you longing to make your blended family work while questioning why it has to be so hard?

Are you questioning God and His purpose for your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions above then you are going to be so encouraged by today’s podcast.

On today’s podcast I chat with a very special guest;  Michele Cushatt.  You will be so encouraged by Michele and her story. She has been and is still in process of some very hard experiences in her life. She is a mom to 6 kids. She has been divorced, has gone through hard years of being a single mom, she has remarried and is a cancer survivor 3x over.  And Michele says she wouldn’t trade what she has endured for anything. Through these experiences, she shares how her faith is slowly becoming the faith that she has  prayed for.

As a society, we are constantly wanting to put a “red bow”on everything to make things look just “right”. However, when we do that we aren’t being honest about the status of the world we live in. Michele honestly shares her story and how she took the requirement for the red bow OFF!

Michele reminds us all that God, as our loving Father, has a plan and there is nothing that will come between Him and us. We are protected and loved in and through the mess we sometimes find ourselves in.

Even though the road has been very difficult for Michele, her faith in God is so encouraging. She has been brave and vulnerable in sharing her story, not just on the podcast, but in her book “Undone”.  Michele’s willingness to share while still in the middle of hardship gives all of us the freedom to exhale and breathe a big sigh of relief. Why?  Because we are all in process! Today we get to hear from Michele and be encouraged by what she’s learning through the process that God has her in.


Let’s Talk!

  • What area are you struggling with right now that has you wanting to give up? How can you push through?
  • How will you choose to obey God today for the next steps?
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Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • How to live with joy when God interrupts your “well-planned” life.
  • How suffering and hardship has strengthened Michele’s faith.
  • The importance and benefit of sharing in our times of suffering.

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  1. It is far more work to be perfect than to be honest. @MicheleCushatt 
  2. Are you game to GO after your mission field even if it means you STAY where you are? @ChrystalHurst
  3. To suffer WITH OUT the hope of God is a far worse pain than to suffer WITH the hope of God. @MicheleCushatt 
  4. If we aren’t willing to share our suffering, then others who are suffering now will never know of the hope that can be found. @MicheleCushatt
  5. When we move too fast past the broken things in this life, we dishonor the process that has been paid to redeem us. @MicheleCushatt

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