As I read through the Bible this year, more than a few times, I’ve bumped into a passage of scripture that has surprised me, given me cause for pause, or flat-out left me speechless.

Right smack in the middle of the Old Testament and all of the information given to Moses about the design of the temple and the procedures for the sacrifices, God says He is interested in what people wear.

It’s true.

Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t read it myself.

God is interested in beautiful clothes.

This is mind-blowing for me – a girl who cares nothing about clothes.

As a stay-at-home mom who would rather wear yoga pants and a t-shirt on any given day of the week, clothes have taken a back seat in my personal hierarchy of important matters.

In my opinion, clothes are for function.

And while I would love to just walk around on this earth butt-naked, I have to get dressed. Eve made sure of that.

And get dressed I do, but I don’t necessarily make it my practice to go beyond the idea of “function” and “necessity”.

But after reading the scriptures, I’m challenged.

I’m challenged to care.

Does God Care


I’m challenged so much so that I’m starting an Instagram Challenge this Wednesday to help you and me do a better job with paying attention to who looks back at us in the mirror.

While I don’t think I will ever be the girl who loves to shop, I do think there is something Biblically important about God’s children reflecting God’s glory and His beauty with the abilities, resources, and time that we have.

Today I have both podcasted and written about this topic.  You can read about it by going over to my post on or you can hit listen to my talk about the topic by pressing play on the blog or by catching the podcast on iTunes, or Stitcher.


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Should I care about what I wear?

Today, I’m sharing what I think about the matter.

After hearing me out on the topic, I’d love to know what you think too.



Highlights from Today’s Episode:

“Does God Care About What I Wear” 

  • God does have an opinion about clothes
  • Do the best you can with what you have.
  • Rock what works for you.


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  • Do you enjoy getting dressed or is that area of your life stressful for you?
  • Do you think God cares about what we wear? Why or why  not?
  • What is your favorite places to find clothes, shoes, and accessories?


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