If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on social media lately, you’ve heard me talk about my Mercy Marathon.

I’m currently training to run a marathon on December 14th.

But I’m not running just for me.  I’m delighted to be running for others.

I’ve talked at length about my story and how I was introduced to the Mercy House in Kenya.

Today I would like to introduce you to Kristen Welch, the founder of Mercy House.

I asked her to join me on the podcast so that you could here her talk about her story.

This is a podcast you don’t want to miss.

People Portraits Kristen Welch

What happens when God steps in and wrecks your life?

Today’s interview with Kristen gives the answer for that question in her life.

When God shows up and wrecks your life, a beautiful thing happens.

He erects something beautiful in it’s place. Something worth talking about. Something worth sharing.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

Sharing Kristen’s journey and the Mercy House with you.

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Kristen Welch shares her story of how God showed up in her life at an unexpected time,  in an unexpected way, and how her life was completely changed as a result.

And not just her life…

As Kristen has made room for an interrupted life, God has since worked through her to change the life of many others.

Including mine.


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Join me for today’s chat by clicking  “play” at the top of this post or via iTunes or Stitcher.


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Highlights from Today’s Episode:

“Kristen Welch and Mercy House”

  • No matter how big or too small – your yes matters.
  • God likes to show up in the places that we least expect Him and take us to places that we never knew possible.
  • Even when God “wrecks” your life, you will be way better off after then you were before He showed up.



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  3. Check out Kristen’s book – Rhinestones for Jesus
  4. Want to learn more about Mercy House programs? CLICK HERE
  5. Visit Mercy House Kenya or SHOP to support the Mercy House Store
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  8. Do you want to give to Mercy House too?  CLICK HERE.
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If you haven’t read about The Mercy Marathon, please do.  





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  • What small “yes” can you give to God today?
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