What are you doing to lose weight?

I got that question about seven times yesterday at church.

My answer is always the same.

Eat less and move more.

That’s all it is people.

But I have been guilty in the past of eating less, moving more, reaching my goal, and then gaining the weight back.

I’ve been in a fight with the #fatdemon for most of my life.

Surely I’m not by myself.

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Losing weight has been a theme in my life…. seriously.

And if I’m honest, most of that process has had absolutely nothing to do with me being celebratory about the process.

Suffering would be a better word choice actually.

Misery may work too.

But what I’m realizing is that we start and continuing  doing things that have a positive association for us.

We do things that have something in it for us.

I’m learning that when I choose to honor and commemorate my healthy food choices in a positive way, I want to continue making those meal choices.  The same goes for movement. If the movement that I make leaves a good taste in my mouth.  I want to keep doing it.

Making sustainable changes that will last you a lifetime… Isn’t that the goal with a healthy lifestyle versus a diet?

I’m finding that in order for me to start a healthy living journey and STAY on the journey (instead of turning and eating my way right back to my previous weight or more) I have to celebrate my choices by making meals and movement memorable.

So I cook with friends.



I exercise with friends.


I run with family.


There has to be something in it for me.

Today’s podcast is about celebrating meals and movement – what it means, how I’m learning to do it, and some practical ideas for how you can get it done.

Sure there has to be room for a piece of cake every now and then…


But celebrations don’t have to mean that we lose momentum, over do it, or lose control. (I only had one bit of cake at my sister-in-love’s birthday party… Okay… one and a half.  But I think I danced off the calories)

Celebrations make life memorable.This thought can apply to how we look at healthy food and fitness too!

And your health has value.

Oh…and  I’ve got another theme song option for you to listen to. Let me know what you think!



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Highlight from Today’s Episode:

“Make Meals and Movement Memorable”

  • Our memories begin with perception via the senses.
  • Resist the rut and routine. Work to create rhythms that keep things fun and fresh.
  • Create new enjoyable habits and memories around your meals and movement


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  • What thoughts come to mind when you think about eating healthy meals or moving more?
  • If you have positive thoughts, what’s in it for you? What positive associations have you created for good meals and good moves? If you have negative thoughts, what ideas do you have after listening to today’s podcasts that might help you to create a more positive life experience in these areas.
  • What practical ideas do you have for keeping things exciting and fresh with your food choices or your workout routine? What is your favorite way to get moving? I’m running and spinning a lot. What exercise or activities to you enjoy?
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