#016 – How to Leave a Mark

#016 – How to Leave a Mark

I’m still celebrating my birthday.

Why not?

The month of July is my p-l-a-y-g-r–o-u-n-d!

Any excuse is a good excuse to celebrate right?

I figure that same idea applies to celebrating others too.

A birthday is good reason to celebrate but there are other reasons too.

Beyonce’ helps me to remember this very point…

We all want to know at the core of our being that we matter.

We want to know that others see us and value our presence on this earth.

So exactly how do you leave a mark on the life on another?


Today’s podcast is about celebrating others – what it means, when to do it, and some practical ideas for how to get it in.

I’m not a naturally celebratory person so I needed today’s podcast more than anybody!

Celebrations make life memorable. What we remember is what builds the value we feel that our lives have accumulated over time.

Want to give others a life THEY remember?





Celebrations are the pegs on which we hang our memories of value.

Oh…and in chatting about Beyonce’s song, I’m playing another little song for you too.  Would love for you to weigh in with your opinion! 



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Highlight from Today’s Episode:

“How to Leave a Mark”

  • Celebrate the when
  • Celebrate the what
  • Celebrate the who


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Let’s Talk!

After you’ve listened to the podcast, I’d love to continue the conversation. Be sure and leave a comment or ask a question!

  • What are practical ideas you have for celebrating the people you are “doing life” with?
  • What memories do you have that were created by others?  (good or bad)
  • What is one thing you can do TODAY to celebrate the life of another person?

Connect with me…

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  1. Shanta Robinson July 15, 2014 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    Hey Chrystal! It’s sometimes difficult celebrating people when they are the busy ones or can’t show up for lunch dates & exc. – Some practical ideas of mine are having a girls night or lunch date with those I love. Sometimes it’s just showing up & supporting them in their personal endeavors. – One memory that I have is staying up all night on the couch of my dorm with my best friend knowing I needed to be studying for my final exams, but I was worn out. We laughed the entire night in our pjs watching dumb Vine videos via Instagram. A memory I’ll never forget! – One thing I’ll do today is write my line sister who is at training in Fort Knox, KY. Our friendship hasn’t been the greatest but she deserves to be celebrated & I owe it to her. God showers His love, grace & mercy on us not to be anything less than loving/gracious/merciful to others. Thanks for the encouragement! Love ya!

    • Chrystal July 15, 2014 at 2:55 pm - Reply

      So glad to hear how you will put this into practical action!

  2. Heather July 16, 2014 at 9:52 am - Reply

    Thought I would give you some feedback. After listening to your podcast Monday night I sat and thought about what you said for a little while and it occured to me that yes I do assume that my friends know that they mean a lot to me and I appreciate them but I dont actually take the time to stop and tell them as often as I should. I was determined to take action yesterday and I sent all of my friends friendship cards to let them know I am celebrating their presence in my life and thanking them for one thing that each of them do for me that make me feel special. One called in tears saying she appreciated receiving that card so much and it made me feel good and her. That card revealed something I did not know she was feeling. She’s going through a hard time with a life situation right now and yes it dominates our conversation a lot and she felt bad about it. She needed to hear from me that I’m ok with that. That its ok. We go through different seasons in our lives and I told her don’t feel bad. This morning she sent me a message saying she feels so happy today and after yesterday she is determined to make this a good day. I wanted to say thank you Chrystal. You made a difference in two peoples lives this week and that card reminded me of an important lesson. Dont underestimate God’s power in using us through the small things in life. It doesn’t have to be a lights, camera, action moment for him to be powerful through us. In this case it was simply a card. Anyway thank you for the sacrifices you make in your day to schedule time to bring us these wonderful podcasts and blogs and plugging truth into our lives.. You’re a busy Mom of 5 but yet you don’t let that stop you. Appreciate all that you’re doing. 🙂

    • Chrystal July 16, 2014 at 9:55 am - Reply

      Thank you Heather for taking the time to tell me that. Seriously it means a lot. I had one of my… “what I do doesn’t make a difference” days this week so your post of encouragement is right on time.

      • Heather July 16, 2014 at 10:03 am - Reply

        You are making a difference! Keep going….you’re doing a great job!

  3. Shametra C. July 17, 2014 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    Hi Chrystal. I hope you’re still celebrating and having fun. In response to your podcast, I love celebrating with family and friends. I have a calendar with all of my siblings and friends birthday and anniversary dates. I love to mail cards to let them know that I remembered their special day. My most special moment came from my 6th grade teacher. She made me learn and recite the “Don’t Quit” poem in front of my class. I was only a youngster and didn’t think what was the purpose of this task. Here it is almost 18 years later and I can recite this poem. So many moments in life I wanted to quit and this poem and the Word have kept me going. Thanks for sharing another great podcast!

  4. Amy July 17, 2014 at 7:32 pm - Reply

    LOVED this podcast, Chrystal. I cried with you when you talked about your memories of Two Mama because my Grandmommy has a special place in my heart, too. She wrote me letters of encouragement all of the time and most of all, she taught me about Jesus when no one else in my family did. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate my family and friends. I look forward to doing my laundry every Monday now because I get to listen to you! You made me laugh and cry in the same episode! Keep on keepin’ on!

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