One of the places that we have the greatest influence is in our relationships, particularly marital relationships. Of course, having a positive influence in any area requires intentionality and hard work, and that is especially true of marriage. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Audrey Roloff (who starred on the show Little People, Big World with her husband Jeremy Roloff) on the subject of marriage. I really enjoyed my conversation with her and was particularly impressed by the relational wisdom and insight she shared— only twenty-seven years of age and being married for only five, Audrey shared things that are typically only heard from women who have had twenty to thirty years of skin in the game.

Apart from previously starring on the show Little People, Big World, Audrey and her husband have been able to do a lot of things together, and one of the things they are most proud of is their new book, Love Letter Life. Love Letter Life chronicles the growth of Audrey and Jeremy’s love story over the years. Through a long distance relationship, a breakup, and relational challenges, Audrey and Jeremy persevered, eventually finding their way down the aisle and making a lifelong commitment to one another. They continue to battle for their relationship because as anyone who has been married for any length of time knows, the real battle starts after you say “I do.” Marriage is a wonderful gift, but the enemy and life circumstances will inevitably present many challenges over the years.

Audrey advises us to prepare for marriage like we would prepare to climb a summit, win a championship, or even pursue a career. We admire athletes who train years for one event and we ourselves relentlessly train and equip ourselves to climb the corporate ladder, but what are we doing to strengthen our marriages, or even simply keep them healthy and intact? And this applies to those of you who are single too:  what are you doing to prepare yourself for marriage?

Married or single, I hope that this episode challenges and encourages you to be intentional in documenting your story. And of course, your love story is a major part of that. We all have a story, whether we like it or not. The way to write a better story is to take an intentional look at your life and your relationships—especially a relationship with a spouse—and make strategic changes, both for your good and the good of those you love.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Battling for your marriage
  • How to break off a relationship
  • Struggles with pornography
  • Having hard conversations
  • Carving out time for intimacy
  • The value of Sabbath rest

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  2. Do you practice Sabbath rest? If so, how has it benefited from it? If not, how did Audrey’s perspective challenge you?
  3. Have you found personality assessments helpful in navigating relationships? Tell me about your Myers-Brigg type or enneagram number if you know it!

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