Have you forgiven yourself? What about the other people in your life that you need to forgive? Have you released them so that YOU are not in chains? Have you mastered the art of letting go so you can be free?

Can I be honest and say that forgiveness is a big word, and that I’m often left wondering how it actually works? I know that forgiveness is important — not just for the person who has offended me, but for ME.

My freedom.

My full living.

Forgiveness is something that I’ve learned, and am still learning how to do well. It is the lifelong practice of letting things, situations, and, people go (yes, I said people…) — even if one of those people happens to be me…

I’m often asked about how I was able to forgive “the boy.” If you’ve read She’s Still There, you know what I’m talking about. At the age of nineteen, I was a single unwed mom and — well — I stayed single for a while. How did I move on? How did I change my thinking? What needed to change in my life so that I could keep going and also keep my sanity?

While I will share some insight to answer those questions on this podcast, I also talk about another problem I’ve had with the “F” word; The issue of forgiving me.

When we forgive, not only do we set the offender free, but we also set ourselves free. To be free is to enjoy liberty. It is to walk unhindered, unimpeded, and unconstrained. Listen. I want this freedom. Don’t you?

And I already know what you might be thinking… You understand what forgiveness is… You know you should do it… You might even be able to quote some verses about it… But you are still struggling to actually DO IT. Maybe you know how and haven’t made the effort. Or maybe you simply don’t know how.

My hope is that today’s podcast will help give you some practical tools for walking through forgiveness. And I want to tell you the truth! Forgiveness does not have the reputation of being a nice, neat, and tidy act. It’s messy. It takes time. There is a process. For most of us, it is NOT instantaneous. Forgiveness takes work. My hope is that you will be willing to do the work — to do what YOU can do to make forgiveness of yourself or others a reality — even if that process takes time.

There is no shame in doing the work of forgiveness because there is no shame in being free.

Yes, the girl in you is still “there.” But the acknowledgment of her presence is just the beginning. She should also be free.


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