She wrote out all her wedding plans and hoped to have a big ceremony. Her high school friends said she would be the first among them married. She longed to birth her own children. She is now in her 70s. What she expected in her life hasn’t happened the way she thought it would, but God has gifted her with the joy of relationship, motherhood, and fulfillment in a way that only He could. Today, I’m talking with Johanna Fisher, who I affectionately call “Aunt Jo”. She is a long time member of my home church and has been around cheering me on since I was little girl.

When Aunt Jo as a single woman and a desire to mother without  prospects for marriage, she considered adoption. She dreamed of being the mother to one little girl.  But God had other plans. Over the years, the Lord has sent Aunt Jo not one, but EIGHT spiritual daughters and she has intentionally poured into these women and mothered them over the past thirty plus years.

In this episode, Aunt Jo shares the joy she’s experienced watching her wonderful daughters grow up, develop, and bless her life in ways she never could have imagined. But she also shares the real struggles and disappointments that singleness can bring and the wrestling that happens with God when you’re wondering why not me.

Do you have plans penned down that aren’t playing out as you would have hoped?  If so, it’s understandable that you might be struggling with disappointment or frustration. Aunt Jo says, we get to choose if we change for better or for bitter and today’s podcast might help you see your circumstances in a new light.  Bitterness can cause us to miss the blessings God has in His plans for us. Is surrendering our plans easy? No. Will feelings of disappointment still arise? Absolutely. But the desires of your heart will be met, even if those desires come packaged vastly different from what you would have expected.

Don’t miss the wisdom, encouragement and honest truth that Aunt Jo offers on this episode.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Spiritual mothering as a single
  • Cultivating mentorship in your circles
  • What spiritual motherhood looks like in different seasons of life
  • Ideas for planning gatherings with spiritual daughters
  • Dealing with feelings of disappointment


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Let’s Talk!

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  1. Where in your life can you cultivate mentorship? Do you know someone who needs a spiritual mother?
  2. Do you need a spiritual mother/mentor?  Who in your life can you connect with in a natural way? Where are you engaged or involved in your spiritual community to foster connections?
  3. What plans have you penned down that haven’t panned out as you expected? How can you ensure that you respond in a way that will change you for the better and not make you bitter?

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