Most parents battle this fear: that one day they will look back and regret how they raised their kids.

“Did I spend enough time with them? Did I do the things that matter most? Did my children feel valued?”

In this podcast, Sarah Mackenzie shares how fear of regret led her to read aloud to her children and she discovered a passion for helping other families benefit from this simple, but powerful practice.

Whether you’re a single parent or a stay-at-home mom, have your kids in public school or are homeschooling, I believe anyone with kids in their life will find Sarah’s insight to be both practical and inspiring. In our conversation, we explore how regularly reading with children of all ages can cultivate meaningful connections with them, create lifelong memories, and bolster their academic and social development. Sarah offers easy strategies we can use right now to develop stronger bonds with kids through reading aloud.

Grab a pen and paper as you listen to this episode because you’ll want to capture Sarah’s nuggets of doable advice. Be sure to pre-order Sarah’s upcoming book, The Read Aloud Family, and check out her podcast, Read-Aloud Revival, too. Links are below under resources!

Highlights from Today’s Episode

  • Practical ways to keep kids engaged during read-alouds
  • How to ask your kids good questions about what they’re reading
  • Why reading aloud to kids may be more beneficial than having them read themselves
  • Using story to embellish your child’s education


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Let’s Talk!

After you’ve listened to the podcast, I’d love to continue the conversation. Be sure and leave a comment!

  1. What are some good open-ended questions that you use to start conversations with kids?
  2. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to creating space for intentional connection with your children? What small action can you make today to create more space to connect with your kids?
  3. How might you be able to incorporate read-alouds in your family’s weekly routine?

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