Are you struggling to effectively love and lead your children? Do you desire to consistently and appropriately discipline and disciple your babies? Do you wonder if you can be both your child’s parent and pal? What do God and the Bible have to say about parenting?

In this show, we are talking parenting. Arlene Pellicane shares her experience of  marriage and motherhood, spanning 20 years, and gives a little advice from her parenting journey. Arlene and her husband, James, strategically raise their three children, ages 8 to 13,  with unapologetic boundaries and structure. Her practical parenting strategies are refreshingly simple and effective. Not only does Arlene deeply desire to value her children as gifts from God, she is also passionate about helping others find enjoyment in their own journeys of marriage and motherhood.

We define what “BFF” parents and “pushover moms” are  and talk about how to be a parent that is less concerned with the temporary, maybe volatile, feelings of their children and more concerned with lasting life lessons. Want to know how to differentiate between unhealthy and unwarranted accommodations for your children versus giving merited and loving rewards? We talk about that too!

Arlene provides practical examples of what it looks like to exercise your role as a leader and director of your children. She highlights the importance of training children in hospitality, basic respect, interest in others, Scripture memorization, and the discipline of daily Bible study. We even chat about technology — it’s use, overuse, and its effect on family life.

She also stresses the importance of prayer with and for your children as she believes prayer is an invaluable tool that brings God’s provision and blessing, along with increased confidence in children.

If you need encouragement in your mothering as well as practical tips for intentionally developing and disciplining your kids — then this is the podcast for you.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Parenting strategically and effectively
  • Teaching children to be Christ followers
  • Teaching children etiquette and respect
  • Enjoying and cultivating a heart for parenting


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  1. What specific strategies have you or will you implement to be intentional about raising your children to be Christ followers?
  2. What habits would be effective in your home to protect against over usage of electronics?
  3. Do you have a past parenting experience that you would “re-do” after listening to the principles in this podcast? If so, how?

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