What’s that one thing? The thing you’d be ashamed of if anyone knew? In this podcast, Jamie Ivey shares the parts of her past that she hoped people would never know.  She also tells the truth about what happens when you are honest. The truth is when you go back and think about where you were 20 years ago, it might be hard. Raw feelings may rise, self-doubt can surface, and thinking about your past might cause you to exercise emotional muscles that haven’t been used in awhile. This is what Jamie Ivey, host of The Happy Hour podcast, did in her new book, If You Only Knew.

This chat is about freedom. Jamie learned that she doesn’t have to wear the  shame of her past. This has been pivotal for her walk of faith. She also shares how her life changed when she began to believe the people around her didn’t look down on her because of her sin.

Jamie has learned to be “okay-with-not-being-okay” and to live everyday aiming to follow Jesus. She exposes her mess, both in her book and in this podcast, bringing to light what she has been through and what she’s learned. She is in awe of what God has done in her life despite her failures. Being able to sympathize with people who also struggle, she is honest about her own and believes when we are transparent about our story, we can point others to Jesus.

Do you need freedom?  Do you need to break the bondage of shame in your life? Jamie Ivey has truth to share on today’s podcast after learning for herself what it means to live free in Christ. I am thankful for Jamie’s openness and willingness to say out loud what shame might have otherwise tempted her to keep silent.

Listen to this episode and pick up a copy of Jamie’s book. And if you’ve never listened to Jamie’s podcast, The Happy Hour, be sure and check that out too. Link is below under resources!

Highlight from Today’s Episode:

  • Freedom from shame
  • Giving and receiving acceptance
  • Women and the pornagraphy struggle
  • The danger of secrets

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  1. Do you have a secret that is eating away at you? Who in your life could you share that with?
  2. Do you struggle with carrying shame? How do you remind yourself of the freedom that you have in Christ?
  3. Do you have friends who speak truth to you? Are you that friend?

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