It’s a new year, and we’d all like to think that we will do things better this year and live our lives to the full — just like we did last year or despite how we did last year.  As we jump into a new year, I’d love to offer you some practical encouragement for how you can accomplish living with intention and thoughtful purpose. It’s possible, you know.


We are tempted to think that things will be different if we find the secret. We look for the right planner. The right method. The right goal setting system. But guess what is the only consistent thing in your life from year to year?


You follow you everywhere and this year is no different. So it stands to reason that if you want to see change in your life, that change must start with you! On today’s podcast, I talk about what it means to focus on making real changes and the simple yet profound tools you can use to ensure that you happen to your year instead of your year happening to you.

Listen, I’m not knocking planners, I have already bought my new pens and I’m geeking out on a planner with a new layout.  But what I’ve learned is this: the only magic that happens at the beginning of the year is whatever we choose to do — not plan — but actually do differently than we’ve done before.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • How to live with focus
  • Why multitasking on your goals doesn’t work
  • Why “no” is a good word
  • The key to exercising consistent discipline
  • The three questions you can ask to get clarity on where to focus your energy and effort

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