Do you ever feel the tension of honoring your gifts and passions while also trying to live responsibly? I know I do. Whether you are juggling your job and your family, your dreams and your current reality, or your emotions and a healthy thought life, it can be challenging to honor the “gift of you” in the midst of your everyday.

Meredith Andrews understands this tension and shares wisdom on today’s podcast about how to navigate a life well lived despite the challenge. She has done and is doing the hard work of making room to honor her gift, while also aiming to be faithful and present in the different seasons of her life.


But despite the tension, Meredith has been able to honor her own gift of song and creativity in the midst of it all. She has learned the value of rest and how it fuels creativity and revelation. Meredith offers real wisdom about space and margin and how they are both necessities — especially in the middle of busy seasons.

The practical conversation between Meredith and I will help you see how you can find space in your life and then see how it can be used. The ebb and flow of seasons in life is very real. If you are seeking to finding your own rhythm in life — then this podcast will be life-giving to you.


We all have gifts to honor in this world.  We are creatures made in the image of God who delights in seeing how we bring His image to bear in our everyday. Why?  Because when we do this, it brings Him glory.

In the middle of the various seasons we all face, the simple beauty of my conversation with Meredith lies in this central fact: the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us the opportunity to receive grace from God and return glory to God — and that changes everything.


Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • How Meredith began her singing career
  • What it means to be faithful in every season
  • How you make room to honor your gift
  • The value of rest
  • What space, margin, and rest look like in busy seasons
  • How to embrace disappointment, resist bitterness, and fight comparison

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Let’s Talk!

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  1. How do you make room in your life to honor your gift?
  2. What does space, margin, and rest mean to you?
  3. What has helped you to discover the gifts God has given you?

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