After having children later in life, Nicole Johnson is simultaneously navigating two difficult roles — raising her kids and caring for her elderly parents.

Nicole’s daughter was just 3 years old when her mom started battling health issues. This changed the focus and rhythm of Nicole’s life as she began flying to visit her mom during crucial seasons of surgery & recovery, coming home to raise her own kids, and continuing her ministry as a speaker and writer.

Nicole will speak deeply to many of you. She is full of experience and wisdom on how to nurture the best of you while facing “diapers on both ends” (quote from Nicole). We chat about self-care, why we must put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, and how we’re not in a place to care for others if we are depleting ourselves.

We also talk about the myth of a balanced life and freeing ourselves from the expectation that we can and should meet everyone’s needs. The sooner we recognize and make peace with the fact that we can’t meet everyone’s needs, the more content we are with what we can do.

Nicole pours out tons of practical advice and wisdom on the podcast today, and I’m so excited for you to listen and learn for yourself. Enjoy!

Highlight from Today’s Episode:

  • Navigating caring for young kids and elderly parents simultaneously
  • Caring for yourself in order to care for others
  • Finding freedom from the myth of a balanced life
  • Changing your perspective to live free from guilt

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Let’s Talk!

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  1. Are you more concerned with being selfish or appearing selfish when you take time to nurture your soul?
  2. How can you change your perspective and start giving “here’s what I can do” responses, rather than “here’s what I can’t do” responses?
  3. What are the top 5 priorities in your life? Spend some time differentiating the high-level priorities that will always get your attention and the lower-level priorities that are okay to say no to at times.
  4. When is a time where you crossed the line between caring for yourself and caring for others? What did you learn from it?

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