Comfortable in my own skin?

Hmmm… well I can say that somewhere between the rocky road of adolescence and my fabulous forties, I’ve learned more about myself.  I’ve learned what it means to appreciate who I am and the unique soul I have in this world.

I’ve learned to appreciate the gift of me.

Does that mean I’m always 100% comfortable in my own skin?  Nah… I wish!  What it does mean is that along the journey I’ve learned the value of loving myself because the God of the universe loves me too and approves of me because I am His.

He may not always approve of everything I do. But I have the choice everyday to walk worthy of His calling and purposes for my life.

So what do you do when you want to be comfortable in your skin but are still struggling to do so? Beyond developing your life, how do you encourage yourself to “keep-on-keeping-on” when you really feel like hunkering down in the ditch you’ve fallen into?

Here’s the answer.

You have to learn to coach yourself.

You have to learn how to be your own best friend and care for yourself — your head, your heart, and your hands — the same way you would care for someone you love. You must learn what it is to choose gratitude, honesty, and freedom to be you — even in the midst of the circle of people you find yourself in.

You choose to believe that, despite how you feel, you are a unique unrepeatable miracle.  You learn how to coax your girl out of the shadows and gently bring her into the light.


You learn how to stop making excuses for who she is but revel in what makes her different and praise God for how she is fearfully and wonderfully made.  You honor you because God has honored the girl in you with life!

You choose to steward that life well –the best way you know how — even while you learn to do better in the pursuit of self-stewardship.

And you learn how to rock “you”.

You learn how to make peace with your body even while you work on making it better.

You learn how to give up trying to look like everyone else and enjoy looking more like you.

You learn how to try new things instead of sticking with the same people, places, or things out of routine or even out of fear.

You learn how to invite people along for the ride of life but don’t get derailed if they choose not to come.

You learn to take chances because you trust that the God who loves you and created you is capable of catching you if you fall.

And you learn how to kick it in Converse…

Because if God has freed you up to be you, and the shoe fits?

By all means… wear it.



Highlight from Today’s Episode:

  • How to be your own best friend
  • Practical steps for coaching yourself
  • Important choices every woman should make to move forward.

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