I’m a firm believer that God places desires within us.

Give a small girl a play baby doll and you will see her natural desire to mother. Sit and talk with a woman battling infertility and you will hear in her voice and you will see in her eyes the burden of barrenness.

Today, I’m talking with Mira Rollins. Mira has had a desire to adopt since she was a young girl. Listening to her testimony, it was clear that the desire to adopt was given to her by God.

It wasn’t until after she was married that she learned she about her fertility issue.
As you can imagine, Mira has carried a load of emotions having to face the reality of her infertility. It didn’t seem fair or logical, the desire wouldn’t go away and the alternatives were less than appealing.
 I am encouraged by Mira because although she has not been able to watch her stomach grow or feel a kick from her child moving around inside her, she is still a mother. Mira has chosen to see her ability to adopt and foster as gift, and she is a gift to others.
I hope that as you listen to this podcast you are encouraged and reminded of God’s goodness. Whether you  are dealing with the unexpected reality of infertility or another unexpected life shift, remember that God is good. Even when we don’t understand, He is still good.

Let’s Talk!

  • Do you or someone you know battling infertility?
  • What are some practical and creative ways to encourage adoptive and foster parents?
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Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • Living with fertility deficiencies
  • Practical ways to encourage adoptive and foster parents
  • Tips on supporting those dealing with infertility


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