Do you ever find yourself wondering what’s so special about you?

Do you ever get frustrated because you don’t have all the answers to why you do what you do, feel what you feel, or think what you think?

Do you celebrate your physical makeup or do you find yourself lamenting the way you are made instead?

You and I were made to be marvelous. However, many women I know become frustrated with their complexities instead of celebrating and embracing their unique God-given design. How do we believe in our “marvelous” makeup even when there are parts of us that we haven’t quite figured out or might not even like?  Today I’m joined by two great women as we talk about what it means to have a healthy attitude and self-respect for how God made us.


My special guests Wynter Pitts and Shanterra McBride are helping me talk about this topic of embracing your God-given design.  God has designed us as unique and complex beings. Psalm 139 says: Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it. But what does it mean to be made to be marvelous? And what does it take to encourage other women or even young girls in your life to believe in their unique and wonderful design? We’re answering those questions and more.


If you caught this conversation live on Facebook, trust me, you’ll want to listen again and if you missed it you’re in for a treat!This podcast is also available in video form. You can watch it by clicking the photo below.



Let’s Talk!

  • Do you struggle with believing that you were made to be marvelous?
  • How do you embrace your God-given design?
  • Have a question you’d like for me to answer on a future podcast? Share your question with me HERE.

Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • Embracing your God-given design
  • Understanding the complexity of you
  • Daily practices for building confidence

 ==> Quotes from today’s show {Click to tweet} 

  1. “You are a marvelous work in progress and it’s okay to be in progress.” – @chrystalhurst
  2. The only way to fight a lie is with truth – @forgirlslikeyou
  3. You can’t pour something into someone else that you don’t have in yourself – @shanterraMcB
  4. “I have worth – even if there are some things I’m still trying to figure out.” – @chrystalhurst
  5. Each of us are marvelously and wonderfully complex. – @shanterraMcB
  6. “Sometimes you have to walk like you’re marvelous while you wait on the marvelous.” – @chrystalhurst

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