Part 2 is here! I am continuing my chat with my cousin, Wynter Pitts. We are talking about dealing with the unexpected, the importance of protecting your time and few other interesting topics of conversation.

The laughs continue, as we had such a good time talking and hamming it up a bit.  I hope that you can join in and laugh with us and I pray you are helped by what we share.


Be sure to check out last week’s podcast if you missed it.


Let’s Talk!

  • In what ways are you being intentional about effectively prioritizing your time?
  • How are you choosing to trust God in dealing with the unexpected?
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Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • How to deal with the unexpected.
  • The importance of protecting your time.
  • Learning how to prioritize your commitments.

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  1. God’s sole purpose is not to make me comfortable. – Wynter Pitts 
  2. Just because something lands on your doorstop doesn’t mean you have to let it in. – Chrystal Hurst

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