So how do you make sure that you live a life worth remembering?

What do you do to make sure that your own life doesn’t pass you by?

Why should you go slow in a world that goes fast?  Because slowing down is how you ensure that you don’t miss the scenery.

Join me on today’s podcast as I discuss some practical ways to make the most of the life you’ve been given.


Biking the Bridge 3.001

My last attempt to cross the Golden Gate Bridge was successful.  But it wasn’t successful because I crossed it.  It was successful because I remember it.  I changed the way that I approached the journey and that completely changed my enjoyment of the experience as well. Lesson learned.  It’s not always just about the finish line.

It’s sad but true.  Many people will reach the end of their lives, or the pinnacle of some goal and realize that they were too focused on the end result to enjoy the path getting there.  And it’s the path to your purpose that holds the real joy. If you want to live a life worth remembering, you must slow down.  It’s the only way to ensure that you can see and appreciate all of the beauty around you – and there is beauty available to see in every life.




If you only value the finish line, you will miss out on the view – and it’s the view which makes for a very vibrant life.


I have been to San Francisco four times to ride across the bridge. I have the most memories from the trip that took me the longest and the trip where I purposefully slowed down to smell the roses and take in the full experience. Slow can be good. This is true for life and this is true for riding a bike.  Thinking about riding down a hill a little too fast?

Don’t do it.


Third San San Trip (early thirties)

san francisco fall

Yes that is blood on my shirt.

My first experience taught me that the awesome was possible.  Youth is a time that many of us take risks and believe for the impossible. That’s a good thing.  But as we live, we learn through our experiences, failures, or mistake that not every time we try to we succeed.  And that may deter us from taking risks and believing for the impossible in the future.

Don’t do that either.

First San Fran Trip (mid-twenties)



Photo Jul 09, 11 56 51 PM

Second San Fran Trip with the hubs (early thirties)

Photo Jul 10, 12 47 22 AM
Photo Jul 10, 12 46 55 AM

Fourth San Fran Trip (40th Birthday Trip)



IMG_4141 (1)

Acknowledge that you are not in control but don’t let that stop you from trying.  Don’t let the possibility of failure keep you from trying again.  Success often comes after a series of failures followed by a series of decisions to give it another go.  If you have a dream, keep at it.  Sometimes, if you don’t seize the dream, own it and nurture it, you will lose it.  It’s through you approaching your “bridge” over and over again that eventually you find the successful journey you’ve been after all along.


Podcast_Keynote 3.001



Highlights from Today’s Episode:

“Lessons from Biking the Bridge – Part 3” 

  • Stop frequently to “take-it-all-in”
  • Slow Down. Just because you can go fast doesn’t mean you have to.
  • It’s your journey. Don’t let others dictate what that journey should look like.
  • Repeating some life experiences can result in a richer experience the second time through.


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  • What experience or activity have you not done in a while that brings you joy?  What’s the plan for doing it again soon?



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