Every now and then we need to take a look in the mirror.

Even the best of us needs to make time every now and again to take stock, clean house, and root out the things that are in the way.

This past weekend I did a little “spring cleaning” while there was a Texas-sized blizzard raging outside (translated to read… we got an inch of snow that melted in under two hours).

I went through piles of papers, cleaned out the fridge, did gobs of laundry, and was shocked to realized how much of our day to day mess had piled up without me realizing being fully aware. Easily overlooking things that I had grown accustomed to seeing, I somehow didn’t realize that my stuff was getting in the way.

Sometimes ya’ll, our “stuff” does indeed get in the way.

We have stuff.

Low self-esteem, insecurity, fear of the future, people pleasing, fear of rejection, negative thoughts, laziness, difficult circumstances…

You name it… we’ve got it.

And the big issue?

We let our “stuff” get in the way of our potential.

We let talk ourselves right out of our purpose citing all of the problematic reasons why God’s plan won’t work in our lives or why the dreams that He’s given us will never happen.




Don’t do it.

Can I say that to you? I hope we’ve been chatting long enough now where I can just shoot straight.  If this is your first time here on my blog, well… I’m sorry.

Just don’t.

Be strong.  Have courage.

You don’t have any courage you say?

Well, my friend, the way you develop the courage you need is to act as if you already have the courage… and behave accordingly. – Brian Tracy {Click to Tweet}


The way you developthe courage you


God will call each and every one of us to live within the context of the unique personalities, circumstances, experiences, and opportunities, but He doesn’t want us to be limited by them.

You will be stretched in your lifetime beyond what you though you had the potential to absorb. You will be challenged to walk boldly into situations of which you have no guarantee of the outcome.  And while you are to be a lover of people, you are not to live being a lover of people’s approval – that can be difficult.

When God stretches, challenges, and calls you to new places of purpose, it might be a problem.

Actually you might find yourself presenting options of problems to God and trying to convince Him that His idea is not quite the right idea.

You won’t be the first, and you won’t be the last.

But you don’t have to learn the hard way.

At least one other person has beat you to the punch and thrown every considerable argument at God when called to something new.


chrystalschroniclespodcastbanner_purpose is a problem


When God asks you to obey, do you come up with every reason in the book not to do so?

If God tugs at your heart to do something that seems out of your reach, do you talk yourself out of it?

What if the only thing standing between you and your purpose is your rehearsal of the problems instead of your belief in His power at work in you?

Look in the mirror.

It’s time to stop believing what you see with your eyes and see what God sees when he looks at you and sees the potential you have.





Today, I talk about one person, their arguments, and God’s response.

I also talk about how you can and why you should avoid making the same mistake.

Your choice to believe what He thinks about you can and will change your life.

It won’t be comfortable to push past your fears.  It won’t be easy to push past what you think are a litany of problems. But why not go out on a limb?

That’s where the fruit is. {Click to Tweet}


out on a limb




Highlights from Today’s Episode:

“When Your Purpose Is a Problem” 

  • Don’t rehearse you problems.  Rehearse your potential.
  • Your biggest area of insecurity can become the vessel with which God accomplishes His purposes.
  • Use what you have.  Trust God with the rest.


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  4. Quotes to tweet from today’s podcast:
    1. “Everything that is happening to you now is preparation for what will happen next. Don’t quit.” – @ChrystalHurst
    2. “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. ” – Henry David Thoreau
    3.  “Don’t let the enemy use your current hardships to talk you out of what God has called you to do.” – @pastoremase
    4.  “People will believe when they see what you do with what you have.” – @ChrystalHurst
    5.  “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” – @ValerieBurton
    6. “Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore, seek not to understand that thou mayest believe, but believe that thou mayest understand.” – Augustine.


Understanding is the reward of faith.



Let’s Talk!

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  • What was helpful to you after listening to today’s podcast?
  • What do you sense God calling you to and what problem(s) in your life have prevented you from believing that He knows what’s best?
  • If you were to act like you had courage even though you didn’t feel very brave, what would you do differently?


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