Are you really committed?

Are you really all in as it relates to your relationship with God?

The details of our commitment will dictate the level that we can go to in our relationship with God and seeing Him actively involved, even in a miraculous way, in our lives.

Many of us want to be committed but are not because we let other things, or “idols”, get in the way of the commitment we say we want to have.

So today I want to ask you some questions.  I want to ask US some questions.

My hope is that as I do so, we can examine areas of our life where we haven’t realized

…we were holding back on God

…we have given precedence to something or someone else over God

… we valued another person, place, thing, or idea more than God

…we have unknowingly allowed an idol to replace God as the primary focus and faith object in our lives.

Are you committed?

Well let’s see…

Here are some questions for you to consider and ponder inwardly:

What thing have you sacrificed the most for?

Who in your life do you feel like you can’t forgive and why?

What one thing do you most hope for in your future?

What is the one thing you most worry about losing?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

When do you feel the most significant?

What do you find yourself constantly mentioning when you’re around other people?

Where do you turn for comfort when things aren’t going well?

What makes you sad? What triggers depression?

What angers you most with others and with God?

Who’s approval do you seek?

What do you complain about the most?

Our answers to these questions can help us identify potential idols in our lives.

What level of commitment do you have to unearthing your “nail”?

When it’s time to get rid of something in your life, the first effort probably is not going to be your only effort.

How has God already repeated himself to you?

Are you willing to be committed to do what God is asking you to do?



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Highlights from Today’s Episode:

“Being Committed. Are You All In?”

  • We are all prone to having idols, because we were designed to worship.
  • Repent. Renew. Receive.
  • When you make the decision to get rid of an idol, you will have to make that decision over and over again. And that’s OK.


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Let’s Talk!

After you’ve listened to the podcast, I’d love to continue the conversation. Be sure and leave a comment or ask a question!

  • What idols do you currently have in your life?
  • Have you ever tried to get rid of them?
  • What will you do differently today as a result of today’s podcast?


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