#051 – Squeeze into Those Skinny Jeans

My current pair of skinny jeans are causing me a problem.

I don’t really want to talk about it because vulnerability is uncomfortable.

I don’t want to be disingenuous but I also don’t necessarily want to broadcast my current failure.

For goodness sake! I’m the girl who knows how to lose 9 pounds in 7 days and run a marathon and meet a running club at dark-thirty in the morning. And I’m also the girl who doesn’t get it right all of the time.

So today, I’m doing it – being honest about where I’m at.

Because we all need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

And while […]

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#050 – How To Help Your Children SUCCEED!

This month I thinking about “making-the-grade” as I podcast.  How I can do a better job of measuring up to standards of excellence in my life and how I can encourage others to do the same. 

Where best to look through the lense of this theme than my role as a parent and my desire to see my children succeed in whatever life God has called them to have and the dreams that He has placed within them to reach.

But how does one do that exactly?

How does one help their child to succeed?

I’m a mom in between two seasons.  I have five children, two of […]

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You Know Enough to Go

I am a terrible decision maker.


I am also a perfectionist.

The idea that I can make a choice now that I later realize is not the absolute best choice drives me insane.

And let me tell ya…

Perfectionism and decision-making don’t go well together.

I freeze up when it comes to making a decision about things I really don’t later want to regret.

While careful decision making is a good thing, careful decision making to the point of paralysis is not.

It’s a bad, bad thing.

So when my friend Kandis sent me the following message via email, out of the blue, without knowing that I had any particular […]

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#049 – 3 Tips for Breaking Out of a Rut

On today’s faith-centered podcast, I talk about what can get us going in circles, and what we can do to break out of those ruts.

Everyone I know wants to move forward in their life. They want to achieve their goals and they desire to realize their dreams.

But what gets in the way?

Why do so many people get stuck – tripping up on the same challenges over and over again and ultimately not being able to realize the very lives they long for.

I think the Bible may have some clues about what works… and what doesn’t.

As I continue to read through the […]

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#048 – Ask Me Anything

Today I talked a lot.

Like really.  I tried my best to answer all of the questions I got so this podcast is kind of long.

My prayer and hope is that somewhere in the middle of all my blabber… you are blessed.

Here are some of the questions I’m answering on today’s podcast…

How do you know when its time to step out on faith?

What do you do for daily bible reading? 

As a young single women how do I prepare for marriage?

[Tweet “It may seem like the grass is always greener on the other side.  But the truth is… it’s always greener where […]

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When You Have to Cope with Your Crazy

I have been feeling a little under the weather.

And I don’t mean in a physical sense.

I have been fighting.

Fighting me.

One day I’ll write more about this life-long struggle to keep my head above water.

But the bottom line is that I’ve learned and am still having to learn how to cope with my crazy.



Overly tempermental.




Emotionally volatile.



Whatever you wanna call it.

Truth be told, I think that we all have a little bit of crazy in us but most of us have learned to live with our eccentricities, revealing some of our struggles but not all, keeping our deepest vulnerabilities undercover lest people […]

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#047 – Does God Care About What I Wear?

As I read through the Bible this year, more than a few times, I’ve bumped into a passage of scripture that has surprised me, given me cause for pause, or flat-out left me speechless.

Right smack in the middle of the Old Testament and all of the information given to Moses about the design of the temple and the procedures for the sacrifices, God says He is interested in what people wear.

It’s true.

Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t read it myself.

God is interested in beautiful clothes.

This is mind-blowing for me – a girl who cares nothing about clothes.

As a stay-at-home mom […]

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#046 – Cultivating Your Heart, Talents, and Opportunities

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you took a chance on yourself?

Or maybe what would happen if you believed that the dream you have in your heart could actually come true?

Do you have a passion or talent that you don’t make the time to cultivate and nurture?

Are you afraid to take the opportunities that come your way because you are not sure they are worth the risk?

You are not alone.

There are lots of people just like you who need the encouragements to believe the hopes of their heart, trust their God-given talents, and engage in the opportunities […]

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#045 – How Parenting Makes Me a Better Person

I have been a mother just about as long as I’ve been an adult.

Of all the jobs I’ve had and all the things I’ve done, motherhood has been the role I’ve held the longest.

As I look back over the last 20″ish” years I’ve been parenting, I don’t just see the growth and development of my children.  I see the growth and development in me.


 “Don’t get so lost in the trees that you lose sight of the forest.”  {Click to Tweet}


While I know that motherhood is valuable and an important role both within my family and within society, it so easy […]

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20 Ways to Read Through the Bible

This year I have a goal of reading through the Bible.

I’ve been a church girl all of my life. Raised in a Christian family, went to a Christian school, and attended Christian camps.

Shoot. I’m even taking some seminary classes this year.

But I’ve never done it.

Sometime towards the end of 2014, I figured I just ought ‘ta buckle down and get’er done.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I made it my business to explore a variety of reading plans and also a variety of Bibles designed for year-long reading. I finally (after weeks of going in circles and driving myself crazy)  decided […]

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