#044 – When Your Purpose is a Problem

Every now and then we need to take a look in the mirror.

Even the best of us needs to make time every now and again to take stock, clean house, and root out the things that are in the way.

This past weekend I did a little “spring cleaning” while there was a Texas-sized blizzard raging outside (translated to read… we got an inch of snow that melted in under two hours).

I went through piles of papers, cleaned out the fridge, did gobs of laundry, and was shocked to realized how much of our day to day mess had piled up […]

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Sometimes you plan. Sometimes you pause.

Sometimes you plan.

I booked my flight.

I carefully decided on the best time to leave given when I needed to arrive and what worked best for my family schedule.

I booked the hotel room and worked really hard to find a great rate.

All set and ready to go.

Home last night packing leisurely while my kids were at A.W.A.N.A.

I was getting a head start so I thought.  No late night/middle of the night packing for me! I was going to be ahead-of-the-cure and get a decent night’s sleep.

Oh yes I was.

And look, extra time to record this week’s podcast!

I felt so on top of […]

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I’ve been watching you.

You were moving with confidence and assurance.

You had a steady pace and a steady gaze

You walked forward with firm footing and focused energy.

And then I noticed your stride got shorter.

Your gait changed.

Your steps slowed.

You started questioning why you had set out on your journey in the first place.

You doubted.

And now you stand – still…


You doubt because I am quiet.


You doubt because the landscape is flat and uneventful – even hard and dull.

You doubt because you see nothing on the horizon in front of you that looks any different from the terrain behind you.

Your doubt leads to wonder.

You wonder if […]

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101 Songs from My Running Playlist!

I NEVER run without music.

Maybe that makes me not a real runner.

Oh well.

In order for me to keep my mind off of the fact that I can’t breathe, I need something pumping into my ears to keep me totally distracted.

After months of training for my first marathon and hundreds of miles run in preparation for the big day, I found that I amassed quite a bit of music. Not only am I a total music lover (and a bit of an audiophile), I am grateful to have some great peeps on Facebook and Twitter who were willing more than a […]

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#043 – What Does It Mean to Love Your Man?

Women need love.

Men need respect.

Many of us have heard that over and over again, but what does that mean?

I coerced convinced my husband to join me for a podcast after so many of you have asked me to chat with The Mister on the show.

Join me and my man for an authentic conversation about what love and respect means for him in the context of our marriage.

This is not what you should listen to if you are looking for a perfect marriage where two people have everything figured out and have done lots of things right.  This is a little of what […]

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The Crazy Things We Do For Love

Earlier this week, we were invited to visit a local T.V. station.  A mutual friend of my sister and I thought we might want to bring our collective group of six boys for the recording of a show about animals.

And not just any animals.


Yes.  As in lizards and snakes.

Of course we were going to come. We have boys. Boys like that stuff.

We, however, do not.

So, being the moms who were desperate for a day out, awesome homeschooling mothers that we are, we loaded up our boys and drove an hour away from home to give our those little guys a memory, […]

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A Reality of Getting Older (I Used To Be a Night Owl)

It’s 10:26 p.m.

And I’m forcing myself to write this blog post.

It’s almost like I’m sitting here with my eyes propped open with toothpicks (remember those cartoons where the characters would do this to stay awake).

And the thing is… I can’t BELIEVE I’m so sleepy.

I’ve been a night owl all my life.


I have been the person who would be on fire after nightfall, work faster, be furiously more effective as the clock ticked deeper into the night.

Last fall, I gradually noticed myself getting sleepier earlier than usual. I thought I was experiencing an extra bit of “tired” as a result of training […]

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#042 – What Does It Mean to Love God?


So we know that we should love God but what does it mean exactly to love Him well?

What does it mean to love Him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength?

Truth be told, we can grow accustomed to God. We can get used to Him and if we are not careful, we might even find ourselves growing a bit bored.


Just like any relationship, every now and again, you just need to take a step back, assess if you are giving that relationship the priority it deserves, and make the adjustments necessary to set that relationship up for success.

The goal […]

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#041 – What Is Your Backup Plan?

Today’s podcast if FULL of practical tips for backing up your life if the worst happens!

What if you get hit by a bus?

What if your phone stops working?

What if your laptop falls out of the car and stops working right? (Don’t ask me how I know this happens.)

Do you have backup plan?

Today I posted over at For the Family about how my youngest son got me to thinking about the whole “if I get hit by a bus” thing. It is a fact, that the question of a six year old can stop you in your tracks.

Earlier this month I podcasted about […]

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#040 – How My First Marathon Almost Killed Me

I ran my first marathon on December 14th.

December 14th may turn out to be my last marathon.

The jury is still out.

In the meantime, I have taken to analyzing my run and extracting lessons both for the future of my running (I haven’t been running outdoors since) and the future of my life.

And there are lots of lessons to be learned.

Today, I chat on the podcasts about how my race almost killed me… not physically, although that could have been a reality as well, but emotionally and mentally. I knew that the marathon would be a mental race but good grief!

I […]

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