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Human Anatomy for Five Year Olds

The other day I told my boys that it was time for “quiet time”.

This is the time in our house where the sole purpose is for everyone to leave me alone.

No seriously.

Even though I tell them it’s for more than that.

I tell them that they need time to rest… which is true.

I tell them that they need time alone… which is true.

I tell them they need to time to think, time to reflect, and time to pray if they feel so led… all true.

But really… quiet time is in place so that this mother has a few minutes to collect herself and prepare for the evening shift.

If I don’t get quiet time… everybody knows it.

So last week I told my boys (the three of my five children still at home) to prepare for quiet time.

In our home quiet-time can mean you are  1)  Flat on your back (F.O.B.) in your […]

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#026 – Making a Meal Plan

My Monday is a bit of a mess.

There is a podcast and I’ll get to that in just a minute.

Oh! And there are some FREEBIES, but I’ll get to that in a minute too.

But my blog post today is going to be a bit of miscellany because miscellany is exactly what is happening in my head right now!

So forgive me in advance for being a little all over the place.

First of all…

(drumroll please)

I’m so excited to share my first #MilesforMercy report.

The Mercy Marathon

Every Monday, in addition to a new podcast, I will let you know how many miles I’ve run the week before and therefore how many dollars I’ll be donating to the Mercy House.

On August 10th, I decided that from that run forward, every run up to and including my December marathon would count for something more than me.

Since I would be running so many miles, […]

Faith & Friends Friday – Hope

My marathon training plan required me to run 12 miles this weekend.  I normally try to run on Saturday or Sunday mornings but because this weekend I’m traveling, I reached out to my local running club to see if anyone was willing to run 12 miles with me on a Friday morning.  There were two ladies who were willing to join me.

But last night, one of them messaged me to say that the weather report showed a high chance of thunderstorms during the time we would be running.

I run slow.

12 miles is a long time to be getting rained on.

And who wants to run in the rain?

To be honest, I really wanted to throw my hands up in the air and say, “O.K. girls! Nevermind.  Looks like this Friday is not gonna be a good day for a long run. Stay home and enjoy the extra sleep.” But I had […]

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The Mercy Marathon – Part IV

This was supposed to be a blog post.

One blog post.

But I wanted you to know the whole story. I wanted you to know how it is that I decided to run for me AND run for others.

So that “one blog post” has grown into a mini-series.

But I wanted you to know.

The Mercy Marathon

I wanted you to know how I met Linnette on an early morning run and how she planted the seed in my mind to run for the benefit others.

I wanted you to know about a bit more about my story – the reasons I’ve been running, and how I was encouraged by strangers to “steal my life back” during my races.

I wanted you to know.

And now I want you to know about Mercy House.

There’s a story behind that too.

I’ve been thinking for months now […]

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#025 – Figuring Out Forgiveness

Have you ever been so angry with someone…

that you bristle when you hear their name?

Is there a person that has disappointed you so terribly that even thinking about the thought of him or her leads to tears welling up in your eyes?

Or maybe you’ve been so hurt that forgiving another person seems like an impossible thing to do.

The reality is that the idea of forgiveness is simple…

but the act of forgiving may not be as easy.

forgiveness_balloongirl_skinnyartist_sml_wmkphoto credit

Most of us would acknowledge that should we should forgive but there are many that struggle with exactly how to do it.

Because forgiveness is a matter of the heart, the emotions of hurt, anger, disappointment, and pain can sometimes obscure the importance of extending mercy and grace. However, forgiveness is worth figuring out. It releases both the giver and […]

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Faith and Fun + The Mercy Marathon – Part III

If you haven’t yet read Part I.  Click HERE.

If you haven’t yet read Part II.  Check it out HERE.

While preparing to write this post, I took the time to scroll through my Nike App and find the run I did with Linnette.

It was on 1/21/14.

In January of this year, Linnette planted a seed.

It laid dormant for a month.

And then on Saturday February 22nd, one month just about to the day, I ran a half marathon.

Cowtown to be exact.

Now you have to remember that I’m not fast.

I’m not trying to make or break any kind of personal record, nor am I trying to be the first (or second or third) across the finish line.

I’m just trying to finish.

So I make it my business to enjoy myself when I run.

If you have followed me on Instagram for any amount of time, you will recall, that I “snap my way” through […]

#024 – Tips for Conquering Your Comfort Zone

fish-out-of-bowl_1photo credit

Who doesn’t like comfort?

Whether it’s a person, place, thing, or idea we tend to like that with which we are familiar.

But God doesn’t put us here to be comfortable. He is constantly seeking to stretch us and bring us to a new place in Him – experiencing both the depths of His love and the heights of His power at work in us.


Comfort Zone Quotes - A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but n

So how exactly do we move from our familiar places when it is not always comfortable to do so?

Today’s podcast shares a few tips and guiding principles that have worked… and are still working for me.


Sometimes you may feel God is hard on you & doesn’t love you.

Truth is… […]

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#023 – Prepare to PUSH (Running, Faith, and Fun)

So excited about having a podcast AND  prayer for this weekend!

The first mile is always hard for me.

When I walk out the front door to go on a run, I always have to “push” my way through the first 15 to 20 minutes.

I thought by now that I would be past this stage of having to “push” through something I do often.

Recently, I asked an experienced runner, how long did I have to wait until the first mile wouldn’t feel hard.

This multi-marathon runner told me he always has to “push” through his first mile.

I was shocked.

I had assumed that there was some secret sauce that real runners had that I didn’t.  It had never occurred to me that they struggled just like I did and had to push through the hard places.

Many of us look at other people who are doing things that we dream of doing and assume that those […]

The Mercy Marathon – Part II

If you haven’t yet read Part I.  Check it out HERE.

Even though my run and somewhat breathless conversation with Linnette was some time ago, I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Linnette was running for herself.

She was running because it was good for her body.

She was out early one morning, while it was still dark, to cover more miles in one day than most people traverse in one week.

She didn’t need a race.

She didn’t need a medal.

She was doing it to be better, to be stronger, to be a more fit individual.

But that is not the only reason she was running.

Linnette told me that for every mile she ran, she went home and put $1 in a jar.

I quickly did the math.

Six miles a run. Three runs a week. Twenty bucks every seven days. Eighty dollars a month.

I started getting excited about the idea of saving eighty dollars to regularly reward […]

#022 – Prepare to Get Fit (How to Run a 5K and Other Stuff)

People ask me all the time how I started running.

This podcast answers the why, the how, and a few other small details that might help you start running too (or whatever other healthy activity that floats your boat).

And while I do talk a bit about some of my favorite running tips and stuff…


Running Gear


The goal of today’s podcast is get you thinking about what YOU can do to start or restart your fitness journey.

The goal is to give you a few things to think about and then motivate you to START!

I want you to think about how you want to live your “fit” life and then starting LIVING it!


lifeiswhathappens_sml2photo credit


What decisions do you have to make before deciding on what fitness plan is right for you?

How do you decide on […]