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#037- Helpful Hints for the Holidays

The holidays is a wonderful time of celebration.

There are lots of things to do, people to see, and places to go.

The holidays can also be a stressful time.

Enter. Mrs. Claus.

My mother, Lois Evans, is the most celebratory person I know. She has managed year after year after year to welcome the holiday season with flare, class, and complete excitement.

I figured now was as good a time as any to ask her to share her wit and wisdom to help others make their way through this wonderful time of year.

Memories are available for the making.  Today’s podcast will give you plenty of ideas for making memories for yourself and those that you love.

Oh and don’t miss the recipes!  Links below…

Oh! And Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

(Ya’ll hit Lois Evans up on social media :)  Today’s her special day!)




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#036- Living, Learning, and Leading on Purpose

Discipleship is an intentional decision to invest in the life of someone else…

…and to allow someone else to invest in us.

It takes time …

It can be uncomfortable …

It is hard …

We may feel unworthy …

Or it’s just not the right time …


  • We are called to purposefully to disciple or be discipled.
  • It is a guarantee that we will have successors once we are gone. What are we going to leave them with?
  • We rub off on to others whether we like it or not.

The question is how much and what parts are we rubbing off?

Today we will continue in our passage and learn from Elisha and Elijah and what their discipleship relationship looked like. Elijah intentionally poured into Elisha. It was not on accident or by default. He did so on purpose. Let’s make it our goal to carve our names on hearts before we start thinking […]

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Faith & Friends Friday – Deny

Last night I grabbed dinner from Panera Bread.

I stood in the line and tried to keep my eyes on the cashier taking my order.

I knew that if I looked down, I’d be in trouble.

I knew that if I looked down, I might lose focus.

I knew that if I looked down, I might throw resolve to the wind.

Panera has the best doggone chocolate chip cookies.

Top rated. Head of their class. Best of show.

And those chocolate chip cookies have eyes.

If I looked at them, my fear would be that they looked back at me.

Each one of those morsels of wonderful goodness pierce to the very core of my natural life-long cravings and beckon me.

They literally stare me down and call my name. How can I refuse?

And many times, I don’t.

Panera Bread chocolate chip cookies aren’t my only weakness.

Nestle, Pillsbury, and my own melt-in-your-mouth-made-with-a-hershey-bar cookies will get me too.

I promise myself I’ll only eat […]

#035 – Tips for Dodging Discouragement

If you are looking for info about

the #FATDEMON Instagram challenge…



Is your yellow light on?

Are you running low on gas and wondering just how much longer you can push it before you run out?

Do you just need a minute to catch your breath?

I know how you feel.

Sometimes, I feel like I want to run for my life… shut the door on all of my roles and responsibilities and just take a minute to rest.

Sometimes, my soul needs to breathe.

Life has a way of depleting our resources, wearing us down, and plain ‘ol using up all of our fuel.

Sometimes we just need “a minute”.

But I’ve learned that there are times where I can proactively do a few things to keep myself from getting that worn out and to prevent me trying to run on empty.

Today we are going to learn from Elijah, who was out of […]

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#034 – Ready. Set. GO!!!

View today’s podcast on YouTube


Even the best of us have seasons where things don’t look the way we’d like them to…

But life is not about focusing forever on where you currently are…

It’s totally about keeping an eye on where you are going and then doing whatever it takes to get ready, get set, and GO!


What do you do when you’ve messed up, you’ve disappointed yourself, or you’ve feel as though you’ve been a disappointment to others?

You don’t let that stop you from getting ready for the next season.

Life goes on.


What do you do when you are preparing for the next season and believing God to show up in your life yet you see nothing happening?

You don’t let that stop you from getting set, consistently showing up, and doing your part.

Your time is coming.


What do you do when your season has arrived but yet there are people, things, or habits […]

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Faith & Friends Friday – Act

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my jeans were fitting differently.

And not in a good way.

The jeans that had previously required a belt in order to stay in place were now staying in place quite nicely all by themselves.

Not good.

If there is one thing my over-the-years battle with weight has taught me, it’s that if you want to stop a run-away-train from running away, you have to do something.

You have to act.

And act quickly.

Because the train. will. run. away.

Truth is I wish I were more disciplined.

I wish I was more consistent over the long term.

I wish I was one of those people for whom eating “clean” was a no-brainer because I so highly value a “mean-bod”.

And while I do sometimes, I don’t sometimes too.

This is my battle.

Well… one of them anyway.

But I do want to do better.  I do want to fight the #fatdemon well and do […]

#033 – Being Committed. Are You All In?

Are you really committed?

Are you really all in as it relates to your relationship with God?

The details of our commitment will dictate the level that we can go to in our relationship with God and seeing Him actively involved, even in a miraculous way, in our lives.

Many of us want to be committed but are not because we let other things, or “idols”, get in the way of the commitment we say we want to have.

So today I want to ask you some questions.  I want to ask US some questions.

My hope is that as I do so, we can examine areas of our life where we haven’t realized

…we were holding back on God

…we have given precedence to something or someone else over God

… we valued another person, place, thing, or idea more than God

…we have unknowingly allowed an idol to […]

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#032 – Having Faith When You Hit The Wall

I’m tired…

And oh so sore…

Yesterday, I ran my furthest distance yet.

18 miles.

Jesus is a way maker, let me tell ya.

But 18 is not 26 and 26 miles is what I’ll be running come December 14th.

Honestly, I’m starting to get concerned about that wall. The wall that many runners say they experience somewhere in the last quarter of their race.

I wonder if I will hit it.

I wonder what I will do to push past it.


Having Faith - Facebook-Insta

In life we hit walls sometimes too.

What do you do when you think you’ve done enough to prepare, but still hit a wall?

Do you push through? Or do you give up and stop moving forward?

Sometimes pushing through means holding on and sticking with it. But I’ve learned that sometimes “pushing through” means that there may come a time when you have to let it go – especially […]

Faith & Friends Friday – Lost

Yesterday I lost my keys.

It was a bad, bad thing because I also had a flight to catch.

There’s an illustration in there somewhere.

I’ll probably write another blog post about this another day – drawing out the deep spiritual principle.

(Because there IS a deep spiritual principal here… I’m sure of it).

But for today, just know that I lost my keys and I was completely thrown and caught off guard.

Yesterday, I drove to the seminary for chapel and for class.  I was running a little bit late.

I’m always running a little bit late so ya’ll pray for me.

After class, I had a few minutes to kill and I’m behind in my reading so I decided to stop by the coffee shop to take a deep breath, swallow a little bit of heavenly hot sweetness, then get on my way.

When I finished reading, I gathered my things and looked for my keys.

None to be […]

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#031 – Living Well on Empty

How do you live well on empty?

How can you live well when you feel as if you have nothing else to give?

How can you live well when more is needed but you don’t have more to give?


You can live well.  Even when it seems that you are living on empty.

My church is doing a six week study on lessons from the life of Elijah and I’m sharing weekly with our ladies daytime Bible study on the same topic.

I took the liberty of sharing last week’s talk on the podcast because I know that many of us ARE living on empty.  And if we are not, our day is coming.

I hope you are encouraged.



Join me for today’s chat by clicking  “play” at the top of this post or via iTunes or Stitcher.


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