Watch this video for info on this week’s #KingdomWoman contest!

So there you have it everyone.  Snap pics that show me where you are reading your #KingdomWoman book.  Pics can be posted until Thursday night, 07/25, at 11:59 pm.  I’ll be looking for photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter,  that have the #KingdomWoman hashtag or that have me, @ChrystalHurst, tagged in the photo.

Every now and then I’ll share a pic to my Facebook page! On Friday, we’ll announce the winner of the contest.  I’m looking for photos that make me smile, go “hmmmm”, say “WOW”, or think “I-know-that’s-right”!

 No position, place, or picture is silly… so post them all!

Oh! And feel free to post as many as you want!

Tune in Tuesday to the blog to find out what’s up for grabs in our #KingdomWoman contest!