New music anyone?
Here’s a playlist dedicated to celebrating Girl Bosses everywhere.

Chrystal’s “Girl Boss” Playlist – Visit Playlist (save this link)

Here are over one hundred songs that will motivate and inspire you to show up for your life and get stuff done! This playlist is made up of some music that has me singing to the top of my lungs in my car but also — many of the songs came from YOU!  I listened when you shared your favs with me and included a bunch of them here too. 

I have published my Girl Boss playlist on Spotify. You can listen right from this page but be sure to SAVE THIS LINK so that you will be able to have access to this playlist after June! If you have Spotify, you can also listen on any of your own devices anywhere. Don’t have Spotify?, click here to get it [].

Keep in mind that I love ALL KINDS OF MUSIC!  If something you hear doesn’t float your boat… SKIP IT. Also, in full disclosure, there are a couple of songs with some mild language but they are at the END of the list so if you don’t want your kiddos to hear about “Hades”, don’t turn it up loud when you get to those.