Chrystal’s Chronicles Repost (7/18/13): I’m slowly but surely reposting blog entries from my “old blog”.  I ran across this one and thought that this would be a fun way for some of my new friends to get to know me.

My friend Rachel tagged me for a meme. She posted yesterday about her personal policies and she is right – she’s not the only one with personal rules she lives by. So here are my own:

  1. Never use the same face towel twice in a row. Dry and clean makes a good start.
  2. End every meal with something sweet. Even if it’s only a peppermint.
  3. Bare feet on a bare floor is gross…even if it’s just socks, covering is a must.
  4. Never sit on public toilets (this should be a given)
  5. No one else should wear my shoes…
  6. Things don’t have to spotless, piles are OK, as long as I know where stuff is…but DON’T TOUCH MY PILES!!!
  7. A person should never drink the last of anything in someone else’s fridge, especially mine.
  8. Don’t take anything out of my room, purse, car, etc. without asking. I’m a giving person but give me a chance to give it to you.
  9. Wet floors after a shower are yucky…so I’m always first into the shower 🙂
  10. I’m with Rachel…no sweaty men in bed 🙂
  11. I don’t kill bugs with my own shoes. I go get my husbands.
  12. When I fill up my gas tank, I have to end on a price that is divisible by 5 (like $45.65).
  13. I use the brain dump method for a “To Do List”. I have a Master Task List that has EVERYTHING on it that I need to remember by “ASAP”, “Week”, “Month”, “Quarter”, & “Year”. It just give me peace to know that everything is written down.
  14. No eating fried chicken in the bedroom. My Starbucks and Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers are OK though 🙂
  15. Eggs should crack evenly in half when I use them for cooking. If they don’t…I feel like I’m a failed cook.
  16. My pillow is my pillow….I don’t like using others…
  17. Always leave a message on voicemail…a beep followed by empty space is such a waste of time:)
  18. My seat at church is my seat at church!
  19. I refuse to wear makeup everyday (mostly church and special occasions). I had a friend that did and one day when she went without I asked her if she was sick. By following this policy, I can only look better not worse.
  20. I like my feet to be warm. If you are a good friend of mine, you’ll know b/c when we sit on the couch to talk, I reserve the right to stick my feet under your bottom. Bottoms do a good job of warming feet.

OK…I think I’ve done enough damage to my public reputation for one afternoon 🙂 If anyone else wants to play along, please do!

Now I KNOW, that I’m not the only weird and quirky person out there 🙂 So it’s your turn!  Leave a comment on this post sharing THREE of your own idiosyncratic personal policies in honor of “Three Things Thursday”.  Not only will I feel that we have bonded… but that comment will also get you entered to win a copy of Kingdom Woman, a book I co-authored with my dad that was released earlier this week. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!

I’ll leave comments open until Saturday at midnight then choose a winner at random.