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KW One Month Journey

 I am so excited that you are joining me for the

~ #KingdomWoman One Month Journey! ~


A Welcome from Dad and I…

Today is the KICKOFF of our journey and the first of FIVE Kingdom Woman Wednesdays. The goal of our One Month Journey together is not only to read and discuss Kingdom Woman but also to apply principles found in Kingdom Woman so that we can activate change in our lives!

On each of the Wednesday posts, I’ll share some thoughts with you about where we are headed and then give you a little “R&R”, that is…  your assignment for reading and reflection.  I love the idea of talking to you via video, so I might do that too every now and again, but you can at least know that your “R&R” will be here in black and white for convenient reference.

OK, Kingdom Woman Kindreds! Here goes!…


Please read the following instructions carefully and then watch the video!


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  5. Are you reading on the journey with a GROUP of girlfriends?  Even if you read and discuss with your “in-real-life” friends,  be sure and share some (or all) of your “journey goodness” with us here as well!  We want to benefit from your “journey juice” too!
  6. When you post a comment today, identify yourself by: first name, city, state, (and country if not the USA), whether you are going solo or participating in a small group.  THEN respond to your reflection questions. Here’a a sample comment to give you a visual: Chrystal, Dallas, Texas, Solo, Answer #1, #2, etc…
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A little more “Welcome” from me!


~ Today’s “R&R” ~

Reflection Assignment

Every week you will have an assignment to reflect on the previous week’s reading.

Since we don’t have a previous week’s reading yet, today w are going to have fun!

  1. If you were on the stage at Madison Square Gardens standing in front of thousands and thousands of people, and you could perform (and perform well), any song in the world, what song would that be? (This can be serious or ridiculous.)
  2. In ten words or less, describe your present season.  What comes to mind when you think about the life you are currently living? Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing: young mom, single and satisfied, empty nester, on the path to big bucks, newly divorced, starving myself to death trying to lose weight, finding my faith, etc.
  3. Besides your mom, aunt, or grandmother, name  a woman who has been a strong female role model for you.  This can be someone you know personally… or not.
  4. Finish this sentence.  “I will be a Kingdom Woman when I…”
  5. Feel free to comment on the video devotional regarding anything that resonated with you.


Reading Assignment

By next Wednesday, September 11th, read the Introduction of Kingdom Woman
(If you’ve already read it, either read it again, or go back through and take time to review the Bibliepassages mentioned)

Read Psalm 139 at least three times over the next  week.

Pick at least one verse from that same chapter and memorize it!


~ What Else You Need to Know ~


Kingdom Woman Q &A

Submit questions on biblical womanhood for myself or my dad, Tony Evans, to answer!

Just click on the “Ask Chrystal” button on the menu bar (under “Chrystal”)

Each week on Wednesday via video blog, one (or both) of us will answer some of the questions we receive!


Kingdom Woman Connections

Facebook Party, Twitter Chat, and Blog Link up are coming next week!

Stay tuned, more details and directions to come!


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One Month Journey


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