I’m still sharing some of my notes from my morning meeting with Jesus over on FB.  I’ve shared my notes here on the blog before.  Today’s notes seemed especially poignant in light of content from the recently released video study. Since I have a short clip that perfectly compliments my morning reflection, putting the two together seemed to be the right thing to do. As you watch and read, I pray that you are encouraged towards a deeper walk with God.


Notes from my morning meeting with Jesus – January 27/28th

I know you wonder if it matters.

I know you wonder if it really helps that you come to Me day after day… especially when nothing seems to be changing.

I know you that

… church gets redundant

… verses in the Bible seem to repeat themselves

… “Christians-ese” can wear you out.

But don’t allow things that are related to Me discourage you from focusing on Me.

Because, yup… all that “stuff” will wear you out.

But Me…

… I give life.

… I offer renewal.

… I offer lasting change.

And it matters.

It matters that you get to know Me and understand how deeply I love you and how much I want to whisper in your ear the secrets to having a life worth living.

It matters that you know you are not alone and that everyday, all day, I am alive in you.

It matters that our relationship is not about things related to Me, but that it’s all about Me.

When you make it about Me, things change.

You will find that church is not about “doing church” but another opportunity for you to meet with the Lover of your soul in a place where other people I love are doing the same thing.

You will find that My precious letter is repetitive but that it’s only because I’m saying over and over how much I love you. And as you grow to love Me back, you will love my Words and not get tired of hearing about who I am.

You will find that “Christian-ese” is not necessary, however you will learn how to look, talk, and act like Me. And being with Me and like Me will never wear you out.

It matters.

My love, it matters that you come to Me.

… I offer you rest and refreshment (Matthew 11:28)

… I offer you life. (John 14:6)

… I love you and want to tell you that everyday. (Psalm 139:17)

It matters because even if nothing else is changing, your outlook on your life will change as I change YOU.

So keep coming.

Keep coming to meet with Me.