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Happy Tuesday Kingdom Kindreds!

Today is our blog hop and you can find all of the information you need to participate later in this email.

But first…

Let me share my response to topic #1 – Fearing God.

Honoring God by going to church is not a problem.  Fearing Him by keeping a reign on my tongue is not as easy but definitely doable most of the time.  Holding the Lord in high esteem by taking every thought captive is a work in progress but I see progress.

Reverence God by what I put in my mouth?  Now that’s another story.

I will work out all day long.  I will sign up to run a 5K, join a boot camp, and even get certified to teach a spin class. But taming my tastebuds.  I think I will be fighting that battle every last day of my life.


And I believe that choosing the high road by eating food for me that is God honoring.  So why is this area is so hard?  I know. Because there is a #fatdemon on assignment and has me as his target.

Don’t laugh.

I’m so serious right now.

It’s not that I don’t like good food.  I actually appreciate a good salad, a pot ‘o beans, or broiled fish.  I especially enjoy green smoothies.

The problem is I love fries, and pizza, and Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream as well.


That #fatdemon is after me ya’ll.

But this is the battle that I’m fighting.  Have been fighting it my whole life and accept the fact that I will be fighting it for a while to come.  Why do I keep fighting and not throwing up the white flag and choose instead to be “fluffy-and-happy”?

Because I only have one body and I believe that God wants me to honor him with it.  I believe that somewhere in the struggle to say no to Wing Stop (Lord Jesus help me), when I choose to exercise self-discipline and self-control, God is pleased with me.

I see that He can use me more and possibly even use me longer if I feel good and if I’m not sick. I do want to know that God was able to use me.  I don’t want my poor food choices to get in the way.  So I press on.

So in this are of my life, I struggle.  Sometimes I succeed.  Sometimes I fail miserably (last week for instance).  But I keep fighting to fear Him because I believe the fight is worth it.  I believe that I am worth it. Yes. And I believe fearing God, the God who loved me enough to break his own body for my good… Yes, that  God… He is worth it too.

OK ladies… now it’s your turn!

Last week the blog hop was so much fun.  It was great to visit you girls at your online homes and see what you are learning, experiencing, or what God is teaching you.

If you have a blog, you can link up below.  Don’t forget that your blog should cover one of the specified topics or it will be removed. Also remember that attaching your personal blog to this Kingdom Woman Blog Hop is optional but lots of fun! If you need to review the detailed instructions from last week.  You can find those by clicking below

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Let’s get started!!!!

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Here are this week’s topics: {The names in BOLD are suggested titles.}

NOTE: Please specify which topic you chose by either using the suggested title OR adding the Topic # somewhere in your post.

  1. Fearing God – At the bottom of page 28 and continuing on 29, Dad states, “Fear God in all you do. Honor Him with your heart, thoughts, words, and actions… Reverence for God serves as the foundation upon which your significance as a kingdom woman will flourish.” In what areas of your life do you sense God calling you to fear Him?  Where do you either struggle or succeed in honoring Him through your thoughts, words, and actions?  
  2. Accepting Help – Does “exhaustion is close to godliness” (page 21) describe your tired life? Would you like to have more time for kingdom priorities? Do you see kingdom value in hiring a house cleaning service or “servant girl” as the Proverbs 31 woman did? Why or why not? (If you aren’t exhausted, what encouragement or advice do you have for others? Please… tell us!)
  3. Hope – On page 32, Dad says, “A lot of us have given up on God. We have counted the years when it seems our prayers have not been answered, and we have determined it’s too late. Too many times we miss out on the destiny God has for us because we have stopped looking. We have stopped hoping.” Describe a time in your life when you’ve been low on hope. What happened?
  4. Excellence – On page 46, Tony Evans says God will ask us on judgment day: “Did you merely give God your leftovers, or was quality attached to your life even in the mundane tasks that pile up in a woman’s life?” How would you honestly answer that question today. How would you like to answer it?
  5. Sacrifice – On page 52, I talk about how I sometimes rise early or go to bed late in order to achieve a semblance of excellence in my day-to-day mother routine. What sacrifices do you make in order to achieve excellence? Are the sacrifices worth it? Why or why not?

You have until Friday at midnight to add your blog to our hop!

Next week’s blog topics will be in Monday’s post.

Can’t wait to read your blogs, but remember, you must blog about one of the Blog Hop topics. If your blog does cover the specified topics, it will be removed. Blog Hops are fun!  And they are especially fun and beneficial if they cover topics that are common to our study! And if you post a blog here, make sure to grab the “I’m a Kingdom Woman” button (right column) for your own blog!

See ya tomorrow for Kingdom Woman Wednesday!